Don’t Be The Child That Eats The Play Doh

By Steve HunterBlog

As the father of two children, I am no stranger to risk… Usually, this is the risk of having said two children jumping up and down on my stomach, or the risk of there being a sit-down mutiny before bedtime. Of course, when you become a parent suddenly everything becomes a risk: the television remote … Read More

10 Times Star Wars Breached OSHA and HSE Legislation

By Hannah StewartBlog

Since its long-awaited release in December 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been making headlines worldwide. Episode 7 is the only movie in history to reach $900 million domestically, and is the third movie of all time to pass generating $2 billion globally. Unsurprisingly, it set a new opening night box office record in … Read More