Why an incident management month?

By Steve HunterBlog

This November, Pro-Sapien is holding the first annual Incident Management Month, or #IMM2016.I know you’re probably thinking that every day seems to play host to some obscure national holiday or celebration (November alone sees Cook for Your Pet Day, National Sandwich Day and National Pickle Day, amongst others), but we at Pro-Sapien believe that highlighting the importance of … Read More

Sentencing guidelines update: 9 months and 100 cases on

By Hannah StewartBlog

In February 2016, the UK Sentencing Council updated its sentencing guidelines for organisations found to be offending health and safety law in England and Wales. It’s now been nine months since the changes and in that space of time we’ve seen numerous companies feel the consequences.To recap, what were the changes?Our blog in preparation for … Read More