Incident Management: 3 Methods For A No Blame Safety Culture

By Tytti RekosuoBlog

Every organization should understand that the overall aim of incident management is to decrease incidents and learn from past events. If the investigation attempts merely to find someone to blame for, employees easily become reluctant to report. This article provides three points that can help shape workplace culture built on “no blame, no fear, learn”.

November 2017 EHS News Roundup

By Tytti RekosuoBlog

Welcome to Pro-Sapien’s monthly EHS News Roundup. At the end of each month, we will put together relevant news articles and topics that we think could interest our network. We will post our roundups here on the blog section of our website. Alternatively, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Just Get To The Bottom Of It

By Robert SamsBlog

Could a systematic approach blind us from the other, less rational reasons behind an incident? Common tools and models used for incident investigation tend to emphasise mechanistic approaches, whilst some of the causes may have been influenced by social psychological factors. In this guest blog, Robert Sams discusses the limitations of a rational system and the ways in which it could be improved.

OSHA Recordkeeping New Rule: Top 3 Challenges

By Hannah StewartBlog

The new OSHA recordkeeping rule is capitalizing on the power of transparency, but it has been and still is a controversial update. It’s correct to say that public scrutiny is sometimes the kick that companies need in order to improve, but will the benefits be worth the challenges? First of all, what is the new … Read More