June 2019 EHS News Roundup

By Holly CallenderBlog

Welcome to our June EHS news roundup! June 14th marked the two year anniversary of the Grenfell tower fire. 72 people died in the tragedy, which grossly highlighted the UK’s irregulated fire safety procedures. In other news: safety managers warned about employee diabetes, OSHA short-staffed and leaderless, dealing with measles at work, and how machine … Read More

How to Make Health and Safety Fun

By David CantBlog

Health and safety is unsexy and boring. In fact, of the many elements involved in a project, health and safety is often the least popular. Media coverage of poor practice and ridiculous “elf n’ safety” cases helped bring the discipline into disrepute. Take this recent example: Lancashire County Council banning bunting strung across roads during … Read More

How to Upgrade Your Safety Training Program With Blended Learning

By LMS365Blog

Let’s face it – not everyone enjoys learning a new skill by staring at a large screen. Unfortunately, this rigid learning structure is one most of us are accustomed to. Many workers spend substantial time glued to classroom seats (reminiscent of school days) or watching dreary safety presentations. The craving for a more dynamic, flexible … Read More