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Incident management is the follow up process after an unsafe event.

Avoid These 5 Bottlenecks In Your Incident Management Process

The health and safety incident management process must be timely, but these common bottlenecks may slow you down. Here's how to avoid them.

5 Reasons To Get New EHS Software NOW (During COVID-19)

The example rule theorizes that immediately after a large-scale disaster, our risk perception increases. We give more attention to future preparedness plans. However, as...

permit to work system

Is Your Permit To Work System Ready For COVID-19?

COVID-19 has forced some major workplace safety changes. Now Health and Safety personnel need to ask: does everyone doing work onsite understand these measures?...

Return to work after COVID-19

COVID-19: 7 Safety Questions To Ask Before The Return To Work

Well into the second wave of infections, EHS professionals have already played a crucial role during this crisis. This time round, rules have aimed...

Engineer completing an Inspection in enterprise EHS software

What is Enterprise EHS Software and Who Should Use It?

Enterprise EHS software is large-scale software designed for mid to large sized organizations. Here we look at what enterprise-class means.

How Are Traditionally Low Risk Offices Coping With COVID-19?

When the COVID-19 outbreak began, few perceived the world would be affected this much. Seemingly low risk aspects of life suddenly have the potential...

How to Use Pro-Sapien During COVID-19

6 Ways to Use Pro-Sapien for COVID-19 Response

The coronavirus that’s sweeping the world is forcing billions of people to find new ways of doing things. Nowhere is that truer than when...

Working From Home During COVID-19: Risks and Tips

In these uncertain times, a lot of us have changed our office desk for the kitchen table, and although we certainly feel safer from...

My First Day on the Job: Joining the Pro-Sapien Team

First days. No one likes them. It doesn’t matter if it is the first day at school, the first day of university, or, worst-case...

Office 365 on SharePoint

Can I Use SharePoint for Safety Management?

SharePoint is a diverse Microsoft software application. It is the most popular collaboration and document management system in the world, with over 190 million...


The 12 Days of EHS Christmas

We all know the 12 Days of Christmas, sang by choirs with cheer every December. But do you know the 12 Days of EHS...

Top OSHA Fails 2019 From the Reddit Safety Community

Since you all loved our last Reddit OSHA fails blog, we decided to do it all over again. Let me present the top OSHA...

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