5 Q&As About Safety Risk Assessment

Did you miss the How to Manage Safety Risk Assessment with Microsoft SharePoint webinar last week?  Not to worry.  On top of making the recording available, we’ve also compiled five of the questions that were asked of our panel by the audience.

The session included content from Don Smith of JSA Services, who spoke about user needs assessment prior to implementation, and Andy Gray of Pro-Sapien who demonstrated the Pro-Sapien Risk Assessments software on SharePoint. Here’s some of the questions our audience asked during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.


Q: Does Pro-Sapien clarify the difference between Job Safety Analysis and organizational Risk Assessments?

Andy Gray, Pro-SapienAndy Gray: Sure - you perhaps spotted in the demo that a risk assessment form does have the concept of risk assessment type. Depending on that type the form can have different hazard group options – for example, different types of hazard or a different risk assessment matrix – all based on the type.

The type could be a task risk assessment like Job Safety Analysis, or a noise risk assessment, fire risk assessment, or it could be to do with business risk, perhaps. Whenever our clients use our module they are using it for various business areas and based on that the form is going to present the relevant options for documenting those risks.

In terms of the reporting, you'll be able to create dashboards and reports specifically on different types of risk assessment as well. You may want to show those altogether, or you may want them separate.


Q: What is a ballpark timescale for the user needs assessment and implementation?

Don Smith, JSA ServicesDon Smith: Regarding the needs assessment and those three tasks, and all of the interaction back and forth with the client and vendor, we find that it typically takes 6 weeks to 2 months to complete a needs assessment. Typically 2 months from start to finish.

More information on user needs assessment

“Before selecting your Risk Assessment software it is wise to conduct a needs assessment exercise with all stakeholders.” There are three main tasks involved.

  1. Assess EHS objectives for the system.
  2. Analyze EMIS solutions and provide recommendations.
  3. Facilitate vendor demos and finalize system selection.

Access the demo for Don’s full presentation.


Q: Are these RA's built within the system or do they have to be constructed for our company?

AG: Pro-Sapien has a selection of standard forms that we have delivered for our clients. When we are looking to deploy for a new client, we have those existing risk assessment formats available, and we review those with you to ensure they are suitable for your requirements. The forms may need some adjustment in order to meet those.

In terms of building up your risk assessment library, such as the template risk assessments or existing risk assessments for your users, we can also import historic data into our system; so if you have a bank of existing risk assessments and you don't want to have to enter those manually, we can also perform a data import to get your templates into our system.


Q: Can we change the review time frames?

AG: Absolutely. The review period built into the system can vary based on RA type, but also on other factors. You may have other aspects such as the part of the business, or based on local legislation, that you may want a different time frame for and that flexibility is built into our form.

More information on Risk Assessment review schedules

Reviews should not only be done when there has been a change to matters – it is best practice to review Risk Assessments on a regular schedule. OSHA echoes this notion:

“… it is good practice to review your assessment from time to time to makes sure that the precautions are still working effectively.”

There is no legal time frame for this, but the HSE recommends they are reviewed annually. However, workplaces that are proactive in safety management usually have their own targets. With a flexible management system you will be able to set and even automate review timeframes.

Risk Assessment Review Schedule - Review Date KPI

In Pro-Sapien's Risk Assessment software you can easily change your review time frames, and you can see all upcoming reviews with due date in RAG (Red Amber Green) status.

Access this webinar to learn more about Risk Assessment reviews.


Q: Can you manage different country requirements?

AG: Again, absolutely. The system is configured with your organization hierarchy, so all the different levels that make up your organization. You'll see one of the levels in the demo was ‘country’. As well as type, depending on the country the form can present different information such as the matrix, and it can also mandate certain fields so for a particular region or legislative requirement you may need specific data captured.

Want to know more?  Download the free recording of How to Manage Safety Risk Assessment with Microsoft SharePoint – or speak to one of our team if you have questions about our Risk Management software.

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