Buckingham Palace

 In amongst all of the headlines about The Queen’s 90th birthday, you might have missed the news that The Royal Household are looking for a Health and Safety Advisor to join their safety team based at Buckingham Palace. For those of you who have seen the Palace (your writer here stood on Her Majesty’s flowers whilst watching Will and Kate on the balcony after their wedding…), you will know what a grand building it is, and with its age, no doubt there are plentiful hazards inside. And I don’t necessarily mean sleeping Corgis or Prince Phillip’s ‘risqué’ jokes.

This role encompasses the Royal Household as a whole, and whilst you might not think it (unless you are nobility of course), there are a lot of similarities between the Royal Household and your own business or organization. For example, there are over 40 buildings and residences, both private and state owned, under the auspices of the Royal Family. If you work for a multi-site business, you know the importance of consistent, in-depth health and safety reporting across all sites.  As well as that, the scope and variety of locations within the Royal Household matches those in high risk, heavily regulated industries too – for the stables, read the factory floor; for the kitchen, read warehouse.

Similarly, you’ll be undertaking risk assessments and inspections at all times, one of the experiences the Royal Household is looking for. By having accurate measurements of accidents, performance can be monitored, and changes made if needs be. As the job description says, providing insight and support takes the organization forward. Good EHS process mean you can do this.

Ultimately, if The Queen needs good Health and Safety around her, so do you. And if you want to apply for the job, be quick, the closing date is 24th April! Must be strange having your employer's face all over your wages…