Easier, Friendlier, Better

You may have noticed, we’ve redesigned our website. Through improving the layout, aesthetics, navigation and content, it is now easier than ever to move through our site and find the information you need.

We are very proud of our innovative EHS software, so it makes sense that our website – the first point of contact many people have with us – reflected our commitment to user-friendliness. We’ve been working on the new design for some time now and we hope that you’ll love it as much as we do.

Here are some key changes that you should know about:


The Solutions section of our website now contains more relevant information on our enterprise EHS software suite and how it is comprised. Get an overview on the Solutions page or navigate through individual module pages for details.


If you can't find what you're looking for, try out our new Search function (top right of every page!) Search for a keyword or phrase and we'll do the work for you.


All of our content is now available through the Resources section, whether that be white papers, on-demand demos, upcoming event registrations or other. We've also added a library of infographics that are free to use for all EHS professionals. On top of that, our blog is now accessible without leaving our site – you’ll know that, because you’re on the blog right now!


Interested in partnering with Pro-Sapien? You can now contact us with partnership inquiries direct from our Partners page.


As a growing company, we’ve included a new Careers section that holds information on recruitment, our workplace culture and employee profiles. All future opportunities will be posted in this section, encompassing all areas of the business.

We hope that we’ve made the experience of pro-sapien.com a lot easier, friendlier, and better for you. As an EHS software development house we place great importance on reliability and usability, which we are confident our new website communicates.

If you have any questions you can contact us any time at hello@pro-sapien.com.

In the meantime, get exploring!