Complex frameworks, changing regulations and limited oversight – Deloitte recently identified these as key challenges to compliance management.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then it might be the time to take your EHS compliance management to the next level. For that, you can consider picking EHS software. It makes your life a lot easier and helps your organization meet EHS and ESG obligations all year round.

In order to find the best EHS company for your compliance needs, we created a 5-step guide for you:

1. Identify current pain points of your EHS Compliance Management

Before you start searching for the ideal software for your EHS compliance management, it’s crucial to assess your current processes.

Consider the following questions to identify pain points and areas of improvement:

  • Do you feel you’re on top of all EHS and ESG regulations, policies, and obligations?
  • How do you manage recurring EHS and ESG tasks?
  • How do you assign compliance tasks to roles, groups, and locations across your organization?
  • How long does it take you to get an overview of EHS action statuses?
  • How do you currently track and report on progress against corporate goals?

2. Define the scale of your software needs

Once you have a better idea of your current EHS compliance management pain points, it’s time to define the complexity of your organization. This is necessary to determine the scale of the compliance processes to find the right software for you.

The following questions will help you shape your software needs even further:

  • How many employees work in your organization?
  • How many locations does your organization have?
  • Do you operate in a low- or high-risk industry?
  • Which IT platforms do you currently use?
  • What is your users’ primary access device type?

Now it’s time to look at more specific features.

3. Do you want to integrate your EHS Compliance Management into Microsoft 365?

Most larger organizations leverage Microsoft 365 as their primary business application.

If your business already relies on Microsoft 365 for various tasks, you want to consider software that integrates your EHS compliance management into common apps such as Microsoft Teams.

Verdantix recognized that building EHS functionality onto enterprise business applications makes EHS more efficient by bringing all data onto one platform.

Pro-Sapien’s EHS Scheduler Software does exactly that by integrating seamlessly into Microsoft 365. The configurable software simplifies managing recurring compliance tasks on a platform you and your employees use every day. The familiarity of Microsoft 365 encourages engagement and will ultimately save you time by storing all EHS compliance tasks in a central location.

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4. Define your budget

The decision on the right software for your EHS compliance management very much depends on your budget. Striking the right balance between features and affordability is key to find the right software for you.

Most EHS software vendors come with a set-up fee and an annual license. There are suitable options for different budgets though – you can assess the pricing models offered by different EHS software providers by their specialty.

5. Create a convincing business case

Before presenting your software choice to decision-makers and stakeholders, you need to prepare a compelling business case to justify the investment.

Outline the identified pain points of your current EHS compliance management and explain how the chosen software will address each of them.

For example, how much time is new EHS compliance software going to save you? How will it help employees complete their compliance tasks on time? In what ways will this reduce risk of noncompliance across the business?

Finally, demonstrate clearly how the software aligns with your organization’s long-term EHS and ESG goals and overall business strategy.

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Selecting the right software for your EHS compliance management is the start of a safer and more compliant work environment.

By following this 5-step guide, you can assess your organization’s needs, identify the most suitable software vendor, and make an informed decision that aligns with your EHS and ESG objectives.

Remember that investing time and effort in choosing the right software will help you significantly to make your compliance management more efficient.

Learn more today about Pro-Sapien’s EHS Scheduler software and how it simplifies compliance on Microsoft 365:

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