April EHS News Round Up

Welcome to our April EHS news roundup!

The recent spate of warm weather in the UK made it the hottest Easter Monday on record. Our first story explores heat stress in the workplace and how to mitigate the risk.

In other news: April sees the launch of the 15th annual asbestos awareness week, one company explains how they became ISO 45001 certified, the top 10 most dangerous jobs of 2019, and how to make workplace hazards easier to see.

Read on for the full scoop.

High temperatures stress the body and require cooling off practices


"Superman doesn’t sweat - something I recently found out. For us mere mortals, we need to deal with the everyday occurrence of being susceptible to extreme temperatures. The most notable effects of higher temperatures to the body are sweating, exhaustion, body aches and a general sense of malaise. In extreme circumstances, exposure can even result in death." Read more »

15th Annual Asbestos Disease Awareness Week launches

SHP Online

"The annual event is organised by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation (ADAO) and will focus on preventing asbestos exposure, strengthening international partnerships and banning the mining, manufacture and use of the hazardous substance." Read more »

Use ISO 45001 to improve safety & process efficiency


"Released as the new safety and health standard in early 2018, ISO 45001 has a range of EHS benefits. But how do companies become ISO 45001 certified? Learn how one enterprise did it." Read more »

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs of 2019

EHS Today

"Our annual look at the most dangerous occupations in the U.S., as measured by fatal work injury rate. Time to take a look at the updated list of the most dangerous occupations in the United States, based on data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics." Read more »

Implementing 5S+1 (6S) to Make Workplace Hazards Easier to See


"Imagine you’re swimming in a large pond in Louisiana. That's right, you're in alligator territory. But it’s not the alligators on the surface you need to worry about – you can see those. It’s the ones under the water that concern you. And that, my friend, is the entire point of 5S+1 (or 6S)." Read more »

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