November EHS News

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter! Whether that means getting cosy in front of the fire or tucking into hot chocolates mounted with cream and marshmallows, for those working outdoors during the cold months it’s another story.

Workers not provided with appropriate winter clothing are at risk of potentially serious health implications: cold stress can lead to hypothermia, frostbite and chilblains. So, what should workers wear to stay warm?

In other news: HSE (UK) publishes a mental health first aid guide; a study finds workers in construction and transportation industries more prone to traumatic spinal injuries; and EHS gets ready to go digital.

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EHS News This Month

Clothing Tips for Outdoor Winter Workers

Safeopedia • Tracey Broyles

Anyone who works outdoors during the colder months faces the risk of cold-related injuries, whether they're part of a construction project, a snow cleanup crew, or an emergency response team.

Dressing for the weather is essential when working outdoors. Just trying to put up with the cold and "power through it" won't just be uncomfortable; it can lead to serious complications. Read more »

HSE publishes first aid guidance on mental health

SHP OnlineJamie Hailstone

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has published updated guidance to help employers support staff experiencing a mental health issue.

The updated guidance comes just days after 50 business leaders wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister, which calls for a change in the law to protect mental health in the workplace. Read more »

Construction, transportation workers face higher risk of sever spinal injuries: study

Safety and Health Magazine

Workers in the construction and transportation industries face an increased risk of traumatic spinal injuries, in part because of “inefficient systems approaches or ineffective prevention policies,” suggests a recent study led by researchers at the University of Sydney. Read more »

Are you ready to go digital?

EHS TodayDave Blanchard

While you might think that investigating disruptive technologies is somebody else’s job—isn’t that what those IT tech wizards get paid to do?—the application of these technologies to the safety function is very much in the near future.

While you may not have noticed it yet, there’s a digital revolution underway in EHS, and the more prepared you are for it, the safer your workforce will be. Read more »

Top five ways to build a psychologically safe workplace

ISHNBerta Melder

In a psychologically safe workplace, every employee feels comfortable, accepted, and respected. Although it may seem to be a simple and understandable thing, many companies fail to create a safe environment for their employees.

According to research by Google, the majority of employees consider a positive working environment one of their main priorities. Moreover, there is a correlation between the environment employees are working in and the success of the company. Read more »

Understand the EHS software marketplace

It can be challenging for EHS professionals to get their head around EHS software systems. We've put together a guide that explains you the what, the why and the how (and how much), including information on the IT that supports them. Download this whitepaper to find out more about EHS software.

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