October EHS News

It was World Mental Health Day on 10th October, and EHS professionals turned to look at mental health in the workplace. One survey found that 42% of U.S. employees have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, and a massive 96% of those surveyed consider mental health as important as physical health.

Another report found that 42% of UK employees do not have any work friends, meaning a rise in loneliness – which is closely linked to mental health problems. So, what are employers doing to promote mental wellness in the workplace?

In other news this month, over 300,000 workplace eye injuries result in an emergency room visit; luckily, with the right PPE, these injuries can be easily prevented.

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EHS news this month

Survey: Employers should play active role in employees’ mental health


“With so many of our employees managing mental health conditions, it is our obligation to provide effective intervention and prioritize treating mental health on the same level as physical health," said Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson and executive member of the American Heart Association. Read more »

Talking loneliness in the workplace

SHP Online David Price, CEO at Health Assured

Loneliness has been described as a looming public health concern in the UK. According to a report, over 9 million people, around one fifth of the population, have expressed feelings of loneliness. Unsurprisingly, loneliness is not limited to an individual’s personal life. So, how can employers tackle loneliness in their workplace? Read more »

Double Vision: Selecting the right PPE for your workers

EHS Today Stefanie Valentic

More than 90% of eye injuries could be prevented with the use of goggles, face shields, safety glasses or full-face respirators, according to The Vision Council.

“Whether it’s a chemical or a liquid or a metal foreign body, whether it’s from cutting metal or a baseball, everything needs to be considered when we’re protecting against eye injuries,” says Dr. Rachel Bishop, chief of the National Eye Institute’s consult service. Read more »

4 Unexpected Working Environments That Lead to Dehydration

Safeopedia Jessica Barett

Dehydration is usually associated with sunny outdoor environments and high heat. That's not wrong – those are certainly risk factors – but it's not a complete picture. Dehydration is a year-round issue, and lots of very different workplaces and job sites put workers at risk of it.

Find out which work environments carry a surprisingly high dehydration risk. Read more »

European Week for Safety and Health at Work: Workplaces remain dangerous environments

SHP Online

2018 European Week for Safety and Health at Work runs from the 22 – 28 October and will promote the prevention of risks posed by dangerous substances within the workplace. According to the HSE, 8,000 people die every year due to exposure to carcinogens at work. Read more »

Understand the EHS software marketplace

It can be challenging for EHS professionals to get their head around EHS software systems. We've put together a guide that explains you the what, the why and the how (and how much), including information on the IT that supports them. Download this whitepaper to find out more about EHS software.

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