August EHS News

The biggest news in September has undoubtedly been around emergency preparedness, with hurricane season in full force. Florence battered eastern US states whilst the Philippines and Hong Kong suffered the world’s strongest storm this year. Although it can be a struggle to find time, EHS professionals are responsible for preparing the workplace – but it’s not something that happens overnight.

In among the weather, this month we’ve seen changes to the EPA, the HSE’s Workplace Health Expert Committee and the IOSH board. As EHS software buyers prepare for the release of the annual Verdantix Green Quadrant study, the analyst firm has been discussing mergers between vendors and what they mean for customers.

Get up to date with our pick of interesting EHS industry articles and developments for September ’18.

EHS news this month

Is your workplace ready for a natural disaster?

ISHN • September 17, 2018

OSHA is reminding employers and workers that September is National Preparedness Month – a good time to prepare for severe weather emergencies whether or not you live in a hurricane zone. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Florence is a reminder that severe weather can wreak havoc on human, animal and environmental health and welfare. What have you done to prepare this year? Read more »

HSE appoints experts in gig economy and mental health to Workplace Health Expert Committee

HSE • September 4, 2018

The gig economy and mental health are two of the most current challenges facing health and safety professionals in 2018. Responding to the rise in contractual work and the heightened awareness of how mental health affects the workplace, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has appointed two new experts to its independent Workplace Health Expert Committee (WHEC). Read more »

SLC 2018 Q&A: Don’t Crowd Out Safety and Overload Your Workforce

EHS TodayStefanie Valentic on September 19, 2018

In preparation for the 2018 Safety Leadership Conference to be held in Louisville on November 6-8, EHS Today is publishing a series of Q&As with influencers due to speak at the event. B. Cooper and K. Dobson of Alberici Constructors give advice on the most effective ways to educate employees about safety rules, as safety directors are “often the most guilty of overloading people with too much information.” Read more »

New Tool for Water Managers Untangles CA’s Groundwater Management Act

Environmental LeaderJennifer Hermes on September 19, 2018

Water experts in California believe sustainably managing groundwater is one of the most important and complex challenges that the state will face in coming decades. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) passed in 2014 with the creation of over 250 dedicated agencies, but finances and personnel are limited – the new Groundwater Exchange online platform offers tools and resources to help. Read more »

OSHA Website to Feature Safety Tip of the Week Starting Sept. 24

OSHA • September 18, 2018

Announced in the agency’s September newsletter, beginning on Monday, Sept. 24 OSHA's homepage will feature a brief safety tip to help employers and workers prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Each tip will link to educational and training resources. OSHA homepage »

Big Mergers In EHS Software Don’t Make Sense For Customers

Verdantix • August 31, 2018

Should customers expect large EHS software vendors to merge? Independent industry analyst Verdantix doesn’t think so. Following dramatic changes to the EHS software industry in 2017 which saw numerous mergers and acquisitions, Verdantix explains why they wouldn’t recommend selecting EHS software simply based on the scale of the vendor. Read more »

Experienced safety consultant voted new IOSH President-Elect

IOSH • September 7, 2018

IOSH, the Chartered body for health and safety professionals, this month appointed Professor Andrew Sharman as the next President-Elect of the world’s largest health and safety organization. Sharman aims to focus on supporting health and safety professionals around the world in developing their leadership skills to become even better managers. Read more »

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