Did you know engaged employees are 5 times less likely to have an incident, and 7 times less likely to have a lost-time one? It’s no wonder safety engagement is a top concern. To boost this, there are several contributing factors (pun intended) for enterprises to consider: including safety software.

Organizations should employ a number of tactics to improve safety engagement and better manage risk, but having safety software that fits your company culture can be a game-changer.

To this end, Pro-Sapien helps enterprises increase safety engagement through software on the platform employees use every day: Microsoft 365.

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Increasing safety engagement via Microsoft 365

For Microsoft 365 enterprises, using the platform as a basis for safety software can be a no-brainer.

Namely, there are three key elements of Pro-Sapien on Microsoft 365 that drive safety engagement:

  1. Microsoft 365 familiarity
  2. Ease of access and use
  3. Increased safety awareness

It’s a big statement to make, so let’s break it down.

1. Microsoft 365 familiarity

If you’re one of Microsoft’s 270 million users, you’re likely familiar with SharePoint, Teams, and potentially even Power BI. Importantly, so are your employees.

In a survey of 300 companies conducted by Oracle and NeoChange, 80% reported failure in software implementations due to lack of user adoption.

The issue? Projects lacked focus on the end-user.

It’s not about bringing the user to the software but taking the software to the user. Therefore, if Microsoft 365 is already culturally accepted across your organization, a huge opportunity exists for safety engagement.

To this end, Pro-Sapien appears as if it’s simply another part of your Microsoft 365. It’s a familiar look and feel, taking on your branding, navigation, page layout and more.

By mimicking what employees recognize, Pro-Sapien reduces the training overhead and boosts user adoption. Take it from LBC Tank Terminals, who increased near miss reporting by 370% in the year after switching from Oracle to Pro-Sapien.

Pro-Sapien helps increase safety engagement by being in Microsoft 365

2. Easy access boosts engagement

Often, a main challenge in improving safety engagement among frontline workers is difficulty.

Overly complex forms, logging into external apps or having to go through your safety department to report a near miss all increase effort and time.

However, difficulty can also be the easiest barrier to address with safety software.

Making safety software easy to access encourages everyone to get involved—one of the main ways Pro-Sapien helps enterprises boost safety engagement.

In short, this is facilitated by:

  • Active Directory integration – best-in-class security, less admin, and auto-population
  • Single sign on – log in to Microsoft 365 once
  • Teams integration – fill safety forms and view actions in Teams
  • Dynamic, easy to use forms – configured with the end-user in mind

Together, these features make Pro-Sapien easy to access so you can boost the likelihood all employees buy into the safety vision.

3. Increased safety awareness

Another benefit of Pro-Sapien on Microsoft 365 results from the ability to share information far and wide.

One practical way to keep safety top of mind for all is to promote safety performance. Pro-Sapien’s Microsoft 365 integration means this can be done quickly and easily, when utilizing the market-leading Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI offers the best solution in safety analytics for its superior usability, integration, and security benefits. It allows safety professionals to interrogate, analyze, and turn safety data into meaningful information.

Furthermore, you can embed Power BI safety reports throughout Microsoft 365. Placing insights in SharePoint and Teams helps raise the visibility of safety in everyday applications, contributing to a safety mindset.

This increased transparency helps others buy into safety vision, puts goals into perspective, and encourages everyone in the organization to actively participate.

As experienced by SJI who started using Pro-Sapien in 2019, “Having safety top of mind and having the entire organization aware of our performance leads to greater involvement in the safety program by all employees.”

It’ easy to embed Power BI Safety reports anywhere in Teams

Making EHS as easy as email

Pro-Sapien’s Microsoft 365 integration offers the perfect opportunity to close the gap between safety software and end-user.

By leveraging familiar collaboration apps and applying them to health and safety – such as Teams, SharePoint, or Power BI – organizations can boost safety visibility and engagement, ultimately contributing to safer, more sustainable business.

Through easy-to-use software on Microsoft 365, it’s our goal to make EHS as easy as email. Learn more about what this looks like in our demo videos today!

Start engaging everyone in EHS

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