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Welcome to Pro-Sapien's February EHS News Roundup. At the end of each month, we put together relevant news articles and topics that we think could interest our network. The roundups are posted here on the blog section of our website. Alternatively, you can sign up and receive the newsletter to your inbox once a month.

On our February EHS News Roundup we look at how a US-based company with the latest automotive technology addresses safety issues, the latest updates on construction giant Carillion’s collapse, and what EHS leaders are predicting for 2018. You can find links to all articles below.

Additionally, with the Winter Olympics in full swing, check out what important lessons safety professionals can adapt from elite sports – get inspired to improve performance with marginal gains.

EHS Leaders Look Ahead to 2018 and Beyond

EHS Today
Sandy Smith, Stefanie Valentic
What are the opportunities, trends and developments impacting occupational health and safety in 2018? EHS Today brings together a panel of EHS leaders who share their thoughts about the changes and challenges facing  the industry. Find out what the EHS experts like Shawn M. Galloway from ProAct Safety, John Dony from National Safety Council and Jim Smith, ASSE President, have to say. Read more »

Further 59 Carillion workers laid off as redundancies mount

SHP Online
Jamie Hailstone
The collapse of the construction giant Carillion has put thousands of jobs at risk in the UK. Carillion had operations outside the UK in Canada, the Middle East and the Caribbean. The company ran into trouble after losing money on big contracts. In January 2018, the company collapsed under £1.5 billion of debt. So far over 800 workers have been made redundant in the UK, and some workers' future is still unsure. Read more »

Could Self-Driving Trucks Make Roads Safer?

EHS Today
Computers, AI and sensors are replacing human drivers. But how is the new technology guaranteeing safety? A company called Embark has created a truck that uses a combination of radar, cameras and depth sensors, which allow the truck to drive itself. Embark developed a tractor that is the first ever vehicle in the US to complete a coast-to-coast journey using this technology. Truck drivers spend weeks on the road, which makes it hard to stay attentive at all hours. Could this new technology then be be the answer to better road safety? Read more »

So, What Did You Emit Last Year?

EHS Daily Advisor
Timothy P Fagan
From February to June, qualifying companies are required to submit annual emissions reports to the appropriate regulatory agency quantifying the pollutants emitted during 2017. The emission statements aim to quantify the actual emissions as opposed to potential emissions. Since different states have different requirements and and methods for submitting this information, it's worth doing some research into the topic. Find out more about what needs to be reported and how. Read more »

Waste Sector Needs Better Data and Wider HSE Inspection Scheme, ESA Urges

Angela Partington
The Environmental Services Association (ESA) is concerned that the data from the waste sector is not reflecting the overall state of the industry. Injury rates among ESA members have fallen to 577 per 100,000 employees, which is a 37% reduction since 2014. However, the numbers are not representative of the industry as a whole. ESA's new health and safety report brings the contrasting performance to the fore, and suggests ways to target the issue. Read more »


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