See yourself as an EHS Einstein? We’ve put together a fun health and safety quiz for you – and your colleagues – to find out how well you REALLY know health and safety.

Importantly, fun health and safety quizzes are a great way to test workers’ EHS knowledge. We all know the dangers of forgotten safety information and routine in the workplace; worker injuries mostly occur during routine and familiar tasks. So, we must find ways to keep safety at the forefront.

Quizzes – including fun health and safety quizzes – are ideal learning methods, as it’s well known that retrieving information from memory aids retention. Plus, quizzes highlight gaps in your knowledge. Don’t know the correct order of the Hierarchy of Controls? Then it’s time to revise.

Besides quizzes, LMS software for EHS training is another way to increase knowledge retention. This is especially important as 50% of learners forget what they have just learned within an hour, and 70% forget within a day.

However, with computers and the internet's constant expansion, LMS software is improving rapidly. Today, the marketplace is growing. In fact, the global LMS software market's expected worth is $22.4 billion USD by 2023 – up from $9.2 billion USD in 2018.

Cloud-based LMS software has the highest estimated growth. Alongside ease of accessibility, features include enhanced security, faster deployment and lower set up costs. Essentially, LMS software is a cost-effective training solution; staff sign in to the LMS software with their own device, then work at their own pace. Furthermore, customizable learning courses ensure employees are on the same page. In other words, using LMS software for EHS training is ideal.

You can find out more about LMS for EHS training here, however, if you’re just looking for a fun health and safety quiz, click here!

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