Are you a health and safety professional or blogger? Perhaps you are looking for content for your health and safety website or intranet? Maybe you have a presentation and are looking for an image to compliment it or add value?

This is our gift to you! 

We have a bank of FREE infographics for you to use, which you can access here. You can download and use as many as you like – we will be adding more in the future so please bookmark the page and check back regularly!

All we ask is that you make sure the image is credited to us, with a link to included, either making the image clickable or in the article/post itself.

If you would like to feature the article on your health and safety site alongside a 200-300 word guest article, we would also love to write something for you – get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

If you have any queries or you feel we could help you with your health, safety or risk management software needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Steve joined Pro-Sapien in 2015 and has a particular passion for writing about EHS with a fun slant - your favorite Pro-Sapien articles are probably of his authoring!