What’s it like joining the Pro-Sapien team? To give you an insider’s perspective, we sat down with Colin, James, Savannah, and Ahmed, all recent additions to the company. They joined the team in 2023 and have fresh memories of their start, getting to know everyone and diving into the EHS industry.

We also checked in with our Office & Compliance Manager Euan – he takes care of the onboarding process and can tell you what happens before and after you receive a job offer from Pro-Sapien.

So if you’re thinking of joining the Pro-Sapien team, this Q&A will help you know what to expect and gives you a glimpse of our culture.

What’s the team like?

Ahmed: The Pro-Sapien team is a wonderful team to work with. Everyone is always cheerful and kind. I was initially a bit anxious as I had just moved to Glasgow during the summer, so coming to the office on my first day in a new city was quite nerve-racking. However, the team made me feel comfortable and I had a great experience starting my internship.

How was your first week?

Savannah: I joined the Marketing team in April 2023 and had a really nice warm welcome. There were obviously quite a few documents I had to read through at the start, but very soon after that, I was hands-on with the marketing and communications tasks.

Everyone was super nice and I remember we went to a local salad bar close by with a few colleagues on my first day. I quite like coming to the office, so I met a lot of the team fairly quickly and we went for drinks the week after.

What happens after you’ve accepted a job offer at Pro-Sapien?

Euan: The onboarding journey begins well before your start date. You’ll receive our comprehensive employee handbook with lots of useful information. Moreover, key members of our team will stay in touch for a smooth transition and answer any inquiries you might have. You might also meet everyone else before you start if we have an upcoming social event.

Is there a process for everyone who starts?

Euan: We’ll dedicate the first two days entirely to your induction, providing all necessary tools like a company laptop and making sure we bring you up to speed on policies and procedures. The rest of the onboarding involves getting used to our internal systems, and introductory meetings with your manager and different department leads.

Our induction process is well-planned and documented to equip you with the necessary knowledge and training – so that you feel supported and can start to contribute as swiftly as possible. You’ll be actively involved sooner than you might expect!

How did you get to know your colleagues? Are there any social get-togethers?

Colin: I’ve found the team to be extremely helpful and open. Since we have a hybrid work model, we extend our communication via Teams beyond work-related discussions. Talking about people’s interests and weekend activities makes sure our interactions aren’t overly formal!

We also have a forum called ‘5 By 5’ where everyone can submit good news – whether that’s work-related or personal. Our communications team collects them and shares an update every Friday which sparks nice chats among everyone.

The social events, whether scheduled or impromptu gatherings at a pub, are also great opportunities to get to know each other.

Have you worked in the EHS industry before?

Savannah: I’ve not worked in EHS before, but have worked in communication departments for larger companies which sometimes involved EHS messaging.

EHS software is not the typical industry like beverages, tourism, or sports that you think of when you apply for jobs. However, once I had a closer look and read more on the Pro-Sapien website and blog, I got stuck into it. It may be perceived as niche (in fact, it’s a $1.5BN industry!), but I’m excited to be part of a company that genuinely wants to improve workers’ health and safety – and helps organisations with their environmental goals as well.

How often do people go into the office?

Euan: Pro-Sapien is great at offering flexible working, so everyone’s working pattern is slightly different. I would say the average over a given month is for people to come into the office 2-3 days a week, which is what I do. I get a lot out of being in the office, whether it’s having collaborative discussions that may not have happened over Teams, or having lunch or a drink after work with a colleague.

What’s the office like?

Savannah: We’re currently on St. Vincent Street which is perfectly located if you commute into Glasgow – it’s only a 2-minute walk from Central Station. The office is nice and bright, and we usually have some music playing in the background. There’s a little kitchen area with everything you need and we take turns making each other coffee or tea. Or going downstairs to Costa for a little treat!

What advice would you give others who are about to join Pro-Sapien?

James: I joined at the start of 2023, and I find that the team is full of amazing and supportive colleagues. From my personal experience, I’d encourage newcomers to view challenging work as an opportunity for personal growth. Embrace it as a chance to test yourself, acquire new skills, and continuously expand your knowledge.

Since my first day at Pro-Sapien I’ve had the opportunity to work on a diverse and exciting range of projects, always providing something new to learn. Our culture values open communication, where sharing ideas and collaborating are not only encouraged but celebrated.

Personally, I can’t stress enough how fantastic our team is here; I consistently feel support and encouragement, which fuels a constant drive to excel and I genuinely enjoy the work I do.

Making everyone part of the team

We’re committed to making all newcomers feel welcome – even before they start. Find out more about life at Pro-Sapien and our values.  And if it sounds like the kind of place you’d love to work, have a look at our careers page!

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