There are various ways to report safety incidents, from paper, email, digital forms and software. It’s not uncommon for organizations to have different solutions in place at the same time for their safety incident management.

However, this often leads to fragmented solutions which create information silos. This risks information getting lost and becoming difficult to manage. Especially if your organization is complex and operates across different sites.

If that’s an issue you’re currently experiencing, you’re not alone. Verdantix’s global survey showed that 50% of all interviewed EHS managers carry out their EHS workflows over more than six separate systems.

That doesn’t need to be the case though. Did you know you can use Microsoft 365 to report and manage safety incidents?

Pro-Sapien’s Incident Management Software integrates seamlessly on Microsoft 365. You can report and manage safety incidents all from there, on everyday apps such as Microsoft Teams.

Let’s see how it works and whether it’s the right choice for your organization.

How does it look to report and manage safety incidents on Microsoft 365?

Once Pro-Sapien’s software is implemented, all you need to do is open Microsoft 365 in the morning. This is most likely Microsoft Teams when you start the day.

You don’t need to log into a separate system to access your safety incident management – audits, inspections, and observations are all located as channels on Microsoft Teams.

All your incident management at a glance on Microsoft Teams

If an incident happens at your organization, your employees can simply track it on Microsoft Teams. Whether that is on their mobile app or on their desktop.

You will get a notification and you can review the incident and assign actions to address root causes.

You can even view and measure KPIs from the Microsoft Teams interface. Pro-Sapien lets you leverage Microsoft’s Power BI to track EHS performance enterprise-wide and embeds the reports to a Teams channel.

Do you want to see how Pro-Sapien’s Incident Management Software looks in action? Then watch a quick demo video now:

View Incident Management Demo ➝

Why should you use Microsoft 365 for reporting and managing safety incidents?

In large organizations, efficient safety incident management encourages easy reporting and centralizes data for EHS managers and stakeholders. Verdantix recognized that integrating EHS into platforms like Microsoft 365 enhances safety culture and engagement.

Here are five key reasons why you should consider using Microsoft 365 for reporting and managing safety incidents:

  1. Efficiency: Employees can report safety incidents without separate logins, and EHS managers can assign actions fast.
  2. Swift Response: Integrated software on Microsoft 365 ensures timely reporting and resolution, preventing escalations of safety incidents.
  3. Centralized Knowledge: Microsoft’s Power BI files and processes all safety incident information, avoiding losses in different systems.
  4. Quick Analysis: EHS managers can analyze detailed reports via Sharepoint or Microsoft Teams to find trends, root causes, and areas for improvement.
  5. Enhanced Collaboration: Microsoft 365 boosts teamwork through real-time updates, notifications, and shared resources.

Do you want to discover more about just how effective EHS software on Microsoft 365 can be? Download this whitepaper on building a business case for EHS Software to supercharge your case!

Do you need software to have safety incident management on Microsoft 365?

It’s not impossible to create a safety incident management system on Microsoft 365 internally. However, especially large complex organizations struggle to build a system for their scale on their own.

Self-built solutions demand a lot from the internal IT team and need continuous support from them. This becomes tricky once the developer who created the infrastructure of the system leaves the business. Find out more about the buy vs. build debate and what’s best for your EHS solution.  

Is the software the right choice for your type of organization?

Whether Pro-Sapien’s Incident Management software on Microsoft 365 works for you depends on a few factors. Pro-Sapien works with a range of different industries but there are a few criteria you can use as a guide to decide if the software is the right choice for your organization:

  • Are you a large organization with more than 1,000+ employees?
  • Does your organization operate in a high-risk industry?
  • How invested are you with Microsoft 365?
  • How many of your employees have a Microsoft 365 account?
  • What’s the primary access device type of your employees?
  • Do you need software that is flexible and can be configured to your needs?

For more detailed information, head to our guide on 5 Tips on How to Pick EHS Software where we summarised knowledge from an expert to shape your needs and get a better understanding whether Pro-Sapien is the right vendor for you.

In summary

Using Microsoft 365 for reporting and managing safety incidents is a great way for large organizations to take their safety incident management to the next level.

Efficiency, swift responding, centralized data, quick access to customized reports and enhanced collaboration engage everyone in your organization and foster a better safety culture.

Pro-Sapien made it its mission to create software that lets organizations leverage Microsoft 365 for their safety incident management.

If you’re keen on taking EHS onto Microsoft 365, find out more about Pro-Sapien’s EHS Software and its modules now:

Microsoft 365: An EHS Platform No-Brainer? Is it right or wrong for you? Decide with this PDF →

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