Pro-Sapien’s configurable EHS software is designed for global enterprises with diverse language needs. Around half of our client projects involve international deployments – with thousands of employees logging in every day in their preferred language.

Let’s shed some light on the multilingual capabilities of our software and how we do it.

Does the software work in other languages?

Pro-Sapien’s software works in other languages. We understand how important it is to empower workers to report information in their native tongue.

A recent survey from Verdantix showed that customers voice the need for software with multilingual capabilities. The article highlights that it’s particularly important to companies operating at a global scale with data input from different countries.

Moreover, the Texas A&M University School of Public Health found that delivering EHS training in the workers’ native languages is more efficient than using a universal language.

That’s why we work with you to deploy our forms in your organization’s languages. With Pro-Sapien, end users have the flexibility to report incidents, conduct inspections, or complete other forms in the language they prefer. For example, Spanish, French, Chinese, Thai, and more.

When a user logs in, the homepage and forms display in the language set up on their Active Directory profile.

How does it work?

The versatility of Pro-Sapien’s EHS software is one of its key strengths. Our application is highly configurable, allowing us to tailor it to your specific needs.

Once we agree on the design of the form, we work closely with you to ensure that we accurately translate any new terminology, custom incident types, or unique references. For example, you might refer to ‘Observations’ with a novel term.

For anything that is not out-of-the-box, we will request translations. Once you provide them, our team programs them into the system. This ensures that your employees can seamlessly utilize the software in their preferred language.

Can dashboards and reports be in another language?

Absolutely. We leverage the power of Microsoft Power BI to deliver real-time EHS dashboards and reports. Just like the rest of the robust Microsoft 365 suite, Power BI fully supports multilingual capabilities.

Once Pro-Sapien’s expert team has programmed the necessary translations into your system, these translations seamlessly extend to your Power BI dashboards and reports. This means that you can analyze and visualize your EHS data in the language that best serves your operational needs.

Are there any limitations?

There are some limitations to consider. For example, if a user reports information in another language via free text fields, Pro-Sapien’s software won’t auto-translate them back into English.

This decision is rooted in our commitment to data accuracy and reliability. Online translation tools can sometimes produce errors—which EHS communication needs to absolutely avoid.

However, the software automatically translates structured inputs such as dropdowns and checklists, making the data review process straightforward for managers and anyone working with the information in another language.

We recommend capturing as much information as possible in a structured format to minimize the need for free text translation, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

In summary, Pro-Sapien is dedicated to empowering your organization with a multilingual EHS solution that seamlessly integrates into your workflows and supports data accuracy and consistency. Our configurable software, alongside Power BI, ensures that language is no barrier to effective EHS management.

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