OSHA embraces leading indicators … workplace eye care aids early detection for diabetes … humorous workplace safety video and more.

Top Story: "OSHA Embraces Leading Indicators"

In the future, employers will need to deal with federal safety law compliance from an entirely new perspective. OSHA has announced that it is moving away from relying on past employer safety data, or lagging indicators, to focus its enforcement efforts on what it defines as leading indicators.

“These lagging indicators have been denounced by safety and health professionals as reactive, and an ineffective means of measuring the effectiveness of an employer’s safety and health program. OSHA has finally agreed,” says attorney Samantha Catone of the law firm of Goldberg Segalla LLP. “As a result of this shift, employers must become well-versed in leading indicators and how to utilize them.”

‘Don’t turn a blind eye to diabetes’, safety managers are warned

Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has issued a warning surrounding the risk of blindness linked to the condition and has explained how workplace eye care can aid its early detection.

An estimated 4.7million people in the UK are affected by diabetes which, if not treated with proper medication and a healthy diet, can be life-threatening. Perhaps more surprisingly, around 1 million people are undiagnosed and are living with diabetes without knowing about it. According to Specsavers, only one in five adults is aware that an optician can detect signs of diabetes during an eye test.

Major Safety Concerns for Concrete Workers and What to Do About Them

Concrete is an inexpensive wonder material that figures prominently in many residential and commercial building projects. Unfortunately, working with concrete comes with its share of risks.

More than 250,000 people work in concrete manufacturing and 10% of them have suffered a work-related injury or illness. Worse, 42 have died from work-related causes in just one year.

Humorous workplace safety campaign features mothers

A multinational construction, property and infrastructure company based in Australia is using Moms to promote jobsite awareness and safe behavior at its worksites and offices.

Lendlease, which is headquartered in Barangaroo, Sydney, assembled a team of real-life mothers of Lendlease employees to accompany their "children" to work and talk about the importance of safety for its “Moms for Safety” campaign, which has garnered international awards.