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Mental health, personal safety, cold stress and sexual harassment: This month’s EHS news roundup revolves around topics that might sometimes be found burdensome and somewhat supplementary to Health & Safety Management. This past October, the annual World Mental Health Day put extra focus on the effect mental health issues can have for organizations. The widely reported Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood started a broad discussion on sexual harassment, not just in the workplace, and Hurricane Irma intruded on the everyday life and plans of several organizations, including the Safety Leadership Conference in Atlanta, which has now been rescheduled. Have a look at this month’s selected EHS news below.

Safe, Healthy workplaces put mental health front and center

Poppy Jaman, Health + Safety At Work
Mental Health has become a common topic when referring to our wellbeing. This year’s World Mental Health Day was held on the 10th of October, and it emphasized mental health in the workplace. The issue is extremely current and relevant to EHS since the Mental Health At Work Report 2017 revealed that around 60% of employees have experienced mental health issues. Work was often referred to as a factor of the condition. Despite increased awareness, more action should be taken to encourage support available in the workplace, and to increase the honesty around the topic. Read more »

Develop a cold stress prevention plan before temperatures drop

Alsie Nelson, ISHN
Winter is approaching and so are the low temperatures. A study from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine discovered that cold weather can be 20 times as fatal as hot weather, and another study found out that cold kills more than double the number of Americans as heat. Those working in cold temperatures are exposed to cold stress and cold-related illnesses. So, what organizations can do is come up with a cold stress prevention plan that keeps the temperature-related risks at bay. Read more »

What is personal safety?

SHP Online
Personal safety refers to employees’ safety in their everyday work. In roles that require working alone and visiting people in their homes, for example, or any job that includes working with other people, there is always the risk of abuse or assault. The organization is legally responsible for supporting and protecting their employees from threatening situations caused by other people or work-related causes. Acknowledging employees’ personal safety at work also communicates the organization’s commitment to staff safety. To improve personnel's knowledge and skills, personal safety training (covering the legalities and assessment of personal safety) should also be provided. Read more »

7 Fundamental Reasons Why Safety is Important to your Business

If you are still curious about the benefits of investing toward safety in your workplace, the 7 Fundamental Reasons will provide you with an overview on how and why you should manage safer. This go-to-guide by 2wayRadionline brings together important topics and provides the reader with links to relevant websites. Some of the topics covered in this article are “How Can Safety Reduce Business Costs” and “Personal Protection”. This article is beneficial if you have doubts, or you want to check your knowledge on the benefits of safety. Read more »

Safety Leadership Conference, Atlanta, GA USA 28-30th October

“Who Leads Safety?”
The Safety Leadership Conference was rescheduled due to the hurricane Irma, and will now be held on the last weekend of October in Atlanta. The keynote speakers list is impressive, featuring well-known health and safety professionals such as Terry Mathis, Dr John Carrier, Wes Scott, Patrick Cunningham and Jay Bice. This is a great event for learning and staying on top of the most recent developments and topics in EHS. Read more »

What to do if you are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace?

Triggered by Harvey Weinstein’s recently exposed unacceptable behaviour in the entertainment industry, sexual harassment has been at the centre of media attention this past month, with hashtag campaign #MeToo taking over Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, the issue extends beyond Hollywood workplaces and it must be recognized as a work-related hazard requiring attention. Sexual harassment generates stress and it can trigger serious mental health problems, which among many consequences can lead to under performance and a negative work culture. In 2011 alone, there were 11,364 sexual harassment claims filed with federal and state agencies, 84.7% of which were by women.
Read more »

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