Pro-Sapien is committed to making large enterprises safer with configurable EHS software. We recognize that companies, especially those operating in remote locations, need efficient EHS management that works on and offline.

That’s why we developed a solution that enables workers to upload data on-the-go, even when there is no internet access.

Let’s show you how we support offline safety reporting with Pro-Sapien.

Does the Software Work for Offline Safety Reporting?

We know how important it is to capture safety information as quickly as possible. Therefore, we created the Pro-Sapien Offline EHS Power App. It empowers frontline workers to report incidents, observations, and conduct inspections when they are offline.

Often, site workers face unreliable internet access, for example when they are offshore, visiting remote locations, or in unusual settings such as an underground laboratory.

Some jobs also require workers to use phones and tablets that are intrinsically safe. These devices are designed not to cause any sparks or explosions – however, that also means that their internet access is most likely not working.

With the Offline Power App, instead of waiting until they move to a different area to regain connection, users can capture a safety observation on the spot. By making offline reporting possible, you solve a common safety barrier and can better reach frontline workers.

In turn, offline data capture helps increase safety engagement and decreases the risk of underreporting by making EHS easier and more efficient for everyone.

How Does It Work?

Any employee who needs to report on safety when they don’t have a phone signal can use the Pro-Sapien Offline Power App. It’s available on iOS and Android and is delivered through Microsoft Power Apps. Workers can simply download the app to their mobile devices and are ready to submit data on-the-go.

Moreover, we will configure the Pro-Sapien Power App to your needs so that you capture the information you require.

It’s all integrated into Microsoft 365, which means users only need their existing Microsoft login – no new passwords!

They can attach images and voice notes for accurate, timely reports that feed straight into your safety analytics.

Moreover, employees can augment and triage any submitted forms on a desktop using the traditional Pro-Sapien interface in SharePoint.

Why Should You Choose Pro-Sapien’s Offline Reporting Solution?

One of the major benefits of Pro-Sapien’s offline reporting app is that it works through Microsoft Power Apps. That means it comes with high IT security as it’s a trusted Microsoft app.

Like the rest of Pro-Sapien, our Power App is deployed to your existing Microsoft Azure environment.

Additionally, compared to a vendor-specific solution, there is a significantly bigger team working behind the scenes to protect the Microsoft Power Platform. Over 3,500 engineers proactively address the ever-shifting threat landscape to deliver cyber security and ensure that your sensitive information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Therefore, if you are looking for an IT-protected EHS offline solution, Pro-Sapien’s Power App is the right choice for you.

Not only that, the familiarity of Microsoft and single sign-on makes it easy for employees to adapt to the interface.

What Do I Need to Consider?

Before you decide on using Pro-Sapien’s Offline Power App, there are a few factors to consider.

First of all, it’s primarily for straightforward offline data upload. Based on customer feedback and marketplace trends, we designed the first version of the app to work with the Pro-Sapien modules Incident ManagementObservations, and Inspections (checklists).

Secondly, the Power App is an add-on to the Pro-Sapien enterprise EHS platform.

If you haven’t decided on your EHS module priorities yet, then head to our expert article on phasing a large EHS software project. There, you’ll learn more about planning your project priorities.

In summary, Pro-Sapien makes efficient EHS data capture possible without an internet connection. With our configurable Offline EHS Power App, you enable users to report on safety situations when they don’t have internet access.

Does it sound like the perfect solution for you? Learn more about Pro-Sapien Power App today and watch a demo:

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