Buying new EHS software involves a massive – and time consuming – series of decisions. For example, should you deploy on-premise or cloud?

Each have their advantages and disadvantages, all depending on your company's requirements.

The good news is that we've just published a guide to help you decide. It's titled EHS Software: On-Premise vs. Cloud Deployments. Download it here, or read on for an overview.

The difference between on-premise and cloud deployments

This part is easy. You install on-premise software on your company’s in-house servers, and host cloud software off-site with a third party. For instance, as Pro-Sapien integrates with Office 365, the Microsoft Azure cloud holds all data and software.

Typically, as on-premise is hosted on-site, security is regarded as higher. However, cloud-hosting in a private cloud is possible, too.

For the end user, there's little difference between each deployment.

Which deployment model is most popular?

Currently, around 84% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy. However, as of 2017, in-house servers hosted the majority of EHS software applications.

By 2020, these stats will look very different. Nevertheless, keeping software on-site remains popular in high-security industries.

Which deployment model does Pro-Sapien offer?

As the cloud grows, many EHS software vendors see their on-premise applications fall to the wayside.

But, not Pro-Sapien. We offer both deployment options as part of the annual License and Maintenance package. Furthermore, on-premise applications can switch to the cloud further down the line.

Security and Software Maintenance

So, is on-premise security stronger than the cloud? Not necessarily. There are steps clients can take ensuring privacy and control of their data in the cloud.

Typically, cloud-hosted software is updated by the vendor, and on-premise is not. Nevertheless, we deliver the same benefits and support our cloud and on-premise hosting clients.

Is the cloud or on-premise right for me?

Discover the best fit for your company, and how the Pro-Sapien deployment process works, by downloading this whitepaper.


EHS Software: On-Premise vs Cloud

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