Welcome to the fifth of our People Behind Pro-Sapien series! In these Q&A articles, we’re speaking to members of the team to learn more about life at Pro-Sapien.

This time we caught up with Reza Hosseinzadeh, one of our longest-serving staff members. Reza is part of the Client team at Pro-Sapien where he works on customer configurations of our EHS software.

We caught up with Reza on all things software development and how he finds working at Pro-Sapien.

1.      What is your role at Pro-Sapien? What do you do day-to-day?

I don’t think I exaggerate when I say there is no such thing as a typical day at the office! When I started at Pro-Sapien, I held various roles, including developer, consultant, testing/quality assurance, data analysis, and training provider.

Now, I mainly focus on delivering client projects where I review specifications and come up with new ways to make our software more intuitive and robust.

Outside that I do a lot of data analysis, designing Power BI reports and liaising with the support team. In the past, I also mentored students during their internships, which helped me develop skills like time management and knowledge transfer.

2. Tell us about your background and your path to Pro-Sapien.

I graduated as a Hardware Engineer in Iran. After working in various industries for a few years, I decided to pursue further education to become a software engineer. This ambition led me to India, where I earned my MCA (Master of Computer Applications). As part of my degree, I completed a six-month project at a small company in Baku, Azerbaijan. Following my internship, the company offered me a position, and I worked on my first national project there. I developed one of the country’s first websites offering online payment solutions for various services, which became extremely popular and ran on my original code for several years.

Eventually, after I moved to Scotland and worked as a .Net developer for a while, I figured that I always wanted to work for a software company. So, I found Pro-Sapien and joined the team as a SharePoint developer.

3.      How do you make sure you deliver customer projects exactly how they require?

A clear and concise specification is the first step of any successful project. That’s where our software expertise shines. I thoroughly review project specs, identifying any gaps or grey areas that may need clarification from the client. Throughout development, I ensure constant communication with the team to keep us aligned and on schedule.

When introducing new features or complex logic, frequent team and customer communication is key. We navigate through various testing phases and swiftly address any issues during the quality assurance process. Afterward, we release the first version to the client for feedback. We repeat this until the client is happy.  

4.      How long have you worked for Pro-Sapien? What do you like about working here?

I started working for Pro-Sapien in 2014. I cannot believe it has been over ten years since my first day. In that time, I have learned so much and developed many valuable skills.

There are so many things I love about working for Pro-Sapien. Everyone here is friendly and approachable. If you have an idea that could help improve our software or enhance the working environment, it is always taken into consideration whenever possible. There is always something new to learn, and there is no shortage of challenges if you are up for them! We have a very flexible working culture and environment while we thrive on delivering the best possible product to our clients. I particularly enjoy our social events, where we can chat and relax or test our skills in kart driving, axe throwing, or solving an escape room!

5. What do you find most rewarding about your role?

We have clients all over the globe with some having more than forty thousand employees. When you hear how a client has improved processing their EHS data significantly by using our software, I feel a deep sense of pride and satisfaction, knowing I was part of the team who made that happen for them. I enjoy my work and I am always motivated by positive customer feedback on the work I produce.

6. You have a full day off – how would you spend it?

That is a hard one as I have so many hobbies but living in Scotland, I think the weather probably dictates what I can do on a day off! It could be a day out fishing in a river or on a boat in a loch if the sun shines. If it’s raining, you might find me on my roller skates enjoying practicing my figure skating moves. If I’m lucky enough to have a warm day, I may do a Persian style BBQ in the garden.

7. Do you have any tips for developers who are just starting their careers?

Based on my own experience, working for a small company is something I was very fortunate to find early in my career. It allows you to express your ideas and be more innovative. You learn how to be your own boss, critique your work, and scrutinize your performance. Most importantly, your efforts will never go unnoticed!

The transparency and flexibility of working in a small team are unbeatable. You get the opportunity to work on a variety of technologies and develop meaningful functionalities that will be used directly by clients, rather than working on a piece of code where you have no idea of its impact. That said, there is nowhere to hide in a small team! You must work hard, manage your own workload, and take responsibility quickly. But if you are driven, enthusiastic, and up for a challenge, a small to medium-sized organization is a fantastic place to be.

8. What is your favourite or most memorable customer configuration request you’ve worked on?

I remember when I started working for Pro-Sapien, one of the very first technologies I learned was workflow. The 2010 version of workflows could be very frustrating to work with, and changing them once deployed was very challenging.

I remember spending a lot of time making a generic version so that it could be changed through configuration and a code update without affecting the design of the workflow. That version was then used as a base for the 2013 workflow model and later for our existing model.

9. In which Pro-Sapien social events do you excel the most?

A few years ago, we went for a ten-pin bowling evening, and that was my first ever game! I had to ask my colleagues for some tips and tricks. At the beginning I wasn’t scoring well till I found my rhythm, but at the end I was the highest scorer, not sure how! But I unfortunately couldn’t keep that performance going. Another time we went for axe throwing. That was my first time as well and I had the highest score again. I just call it beginner’s luck (not that I’m competitive!).

We work with the fastest-growing technology of the last forty years, and working in this field means your knowledge will become obsolete very quickly (in less than a year, I would say!).

Before joining the client team, I was very hands-on with new technologies and working on POCs (Proofs of Concept), which was the main reason I had to stay on top of everything. Now, I still look at the new features coming from the products, and I must familiarize myself with them to be able to customize or improve performance for a client.

With AI taking over sectors of industry, there is lots of discussion around how this will change and improve the working life of a developer. Although we’re not there just yet, I find this area fascinating and think it is undeniably the future of development.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what is in the pipeline. Maybe writing software to communicate with aliens—we never know!

Find out more about how we work and the life at Pro-Sapien. And if it sounds like the kind of place you’d love to work, have a look at our careers page! See you at the next post in our People Behind Pro-Sapien series.

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