Welcome to the first of our People Behind Pro-Sapien series! In these Q&A articles, we’re speaking to members of the team to learn more about life at Pro-Sapien.

Top-notch support is key for all our enterprise EHS software customers, no matter where they are in the world. That’s why in-house support is included as standard when you purchase Pro-Sapien.

One of our support experts is Ross Hendry. We caught up with Ross on all things support and his day-to-day experience at Pro-Sapien.

1. What is your role in the customer support team at Pro-Sapien?

My role within Pro-Sapien is to ensure that our clients receive the correct support for anything related to their implementation of the software.

I also assist with the deployment process of the software which can be an initial application installation or updates to the existing software.

2. How do you assist clients after they purchase Pro-Sapien?

We transition our clients to the support team once the project phase concludes. Then we set them up on our support portal and this is where they can raise tickets of a varying nature from issues through to queries. On the portal, they can reach us through email, phone or online, whatever suits best.

We will be on hand to assist with all tickets so that we ensure minimum disruption for our clients.

3. Can you tell us about your background and your path to Pro-Sapien?

I’m approaching my 2-year anniversary working for Pro-Sapien. I wanted to join the team as it felt like the right move to continue my development and progress in my career. I also found that Pro-Sapien’s values aligned with mine and that they have a great culture, so I was keen to become a part of that.

The opportunity to work with and learn more about industry-leading technologies was another incentive to take on the role.

4. What do you find most rewarding about working with our clients?

The most rewarding part is the interaction with our clients to help maintain a healthy system. Quite often a support ticket can require close collaboration to work through issues and troubleshoot the root cause.

My role is heavily based around problem-solving, which is rewarding in itself, but it makes it all the better when you have a happy client as a result of solving their problem.

5. You have a full day off – how would you spend it?

If it’s not catching up on chores or housework… I do like to go hiking up the abundance of beautiful hills we have in Scotland. I also enjoy cooking so I’m always happy to spend a chunk of my day preparing a nice meal for dinner.

6. What tips or suggestions do you have for clients to make the most out of our support services and get their queries resolved efficiently?

I would always recommend that our clients send in any issues or queries to our support portal. This ensures that a tracking ticket is created and provides visibility to all members of the support team.

For tickets that require investigation, we recommend giving us as much information as possible, including any screen shots that help to capture an issue. We are always happy to attend screen shares with clients for better visibility and troubleshooting potential issues.

7. What’s a fun anecdote from your time working at Pro-Sapien?

Not long after joining the company, we took part in a time-based target-shooting activity. I was running late and missed key instructions at the beginning and ended up being selected to go first. Flustered, I made my way around the room without haste and unclear on exactly what targets to shoot. It’s safe to say I didn’t finish with the fastest time and didn’t make the impression I had wanted to! Lesson learned: I won’t be late for the next company activity.

8. Do you have a hidden talent?

I enjoy playing football in my spare time and take part in games of 6-a-side and 7-a-side football each week. Whether I am talented or not could be a different story!

9. What has been your favourite Pro-Sapien event so far?

My favorite event was the escape rooms that we completed last year. We had two new members of the team join at that time and it felt like a great team-building exercise where we all came together to solve problems and get out with 10 minutes on the clock.

10. Are there any industry trends that are exciting to you right now?

The recent boom of AI in the industry has a lot of people’s eyes peeled, including my own. It’s a space that I am eager to monitor and can see it continuing to evolve into a very powerful tool in all industries, not just technology alone.

Visual Studio is a Microsoft IDE that is primarily used in the support and development teams at Pro-Sapien. I’ve recently seen new AI features available and the potential for this could be massive in helping to reduce development times.

Find out more about how we support clients at Pro-Sapien. And if it sounds like the place you want to work for, have a look at our careers page! Watch out for our next post in the series.

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