Awards are always great to receive, and after the problems at the Oscars a few weeks ago, its really good when they are not taken away from you! Pro-Sapien’s HSEQ Innovate software suite was recently reviewed by, a website that both evaluates and lists software vendors under a range of categories, including EHS management, offering impartial advice to those looking for a new software package.

Having sen the system in action, they distinguished Pro-Sapien as one of the leaders in the EHS software category:

  • Great User Experience – Awarded to products which offer an especially good experience for the end user, based on ease of use, user-interface design and usefulness of features
  • Rising Star Award – Given to newer products on the market, this emphasizes that Pro-Sapien are competing with the more established players in the EHS software market
  • HSEQ Innovate has also been rated as one of the Top 5 EHS Products on their website by rating

As stated in their review, “Unlike other health and safety applications available in the market, Pro-Sapien's HSEQ Innovate is built on the technology of Microsoft, incorporating the user-friendliness and familiarity of the old Microsoft Office and new offerings of Office 365. Over 1.2 billion people all over the world use Microsoft systems and applications. This allows Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate users to quickly familiarize the software and make use of its technology without having to undergo extensive training.”

We are delighted to receive these prestigious awards and thank for echoing the thoughts of our existing users who enjoy the benefits of a Microsoft user interface with the power of Pro-Sapien’s EHS technology. Get in touch today if you would like to see the software in action.