Large, complex organizations need an EHS solution that engages employees and makes it easy for EHS managers to track and manage data. Embracing this vision, Pro-Sapien has been recognized by Verdantix as a prominent vendor of EHS software on business platforms.

This recognition underscores Pro-Sapien’s commitment to putting EHS at the core of businesses and helping organizations save time and boost engagement across the enterprise.

Integrated EHS Solutions Streamline Data

The report highlights the need for organizations to build EHS functionality onto enterprise business applications. More and more firms digitize EHS processes, but many have deployed fragmented solutions that create silos, leading to information gaps and risks.

Employing an EHS solution that integrates into existing business platforms makes EHS more efficient and brings all data onto one platform.

Using Microsoft 365 for EHS with Pro-Sapien Software

Microsoft 365 is widely used by most enterprise organizations and employees use applications such as Microsoft Teams daily. Pro-Sapien seized the opportunity and built an EHS software that fully integrates on Microsoft 365.

Zain Idris, Analyst, Research at Verdantix, recognized this approach:

Pro-Sapien is a modular-based environment, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) management platform built on Microsoft 365. This makes it accessible via Microsoft Teams and SharePoint – both common applications that frontline workers access on a daily basis. Workers are therefore already familiar with the system and its capabilities, helping to increase acceptance and drive user engagement (Verdantix, Market Insight: Building EHS Functionality Onto Enterprise Business Applications, 13th July 2023).

Microsoft 365: An EHS Platform No-Brainer? Is it right or wrong for you? Decide with this PDF →

Key Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 for EHS

Implementing Pro-Sapien’s EHS software on Microsoft 365 comes with key benefits:

  • Simpler to access: Employees don’t need to log into a separate system
  • Easier to learn: Users already know the Microsoft 365 interface from their daily use
  • Better connected: All EHS data is available in Power BI and can be easily accessed and shared

Zain Idris, Analyst, Research at Verdantix, commented:

Overall, this set-up assists in raising EHS awareness across a firm and in establishing a strong safety culture” (Verdantix, Market Insight: Building EHS Functionality Onto Enterprise Business Applications, 13th July 2023).

Type of Organizations Pro-Sapien Works With

Pro-Sapien’s software is designed for large enterprises using Microsoft 365 and are requiring cross-process functionality and powerful analytics. These tend to be highly regulated organizations with 1,000+ employees.

Does this sound like your organization? Then now is the time to streamline your EHS and engage your employees.

Find out now how you can build a business case for Pro-Sapien’s EHS software on Microsoft 365:

Building a Business Case for EHS Software  Download this PDF filled with evidence to supercharge your case


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