Aviation Safety: lightning protection and other lessons from the forerunner in safety

In a previous blog post, we looked at the results from a survey conducted by the National Safety Council on employee perceptions of workplace safety. The survey showed some alarming statistics about how it is very often that safety is not a priority in the workplace. The statistics speak for themselves:

48% of the respondents say that safety meetings are held less often than they should be, and 36% say that safety takes a back seat to completing a job task.  

It's unfortunate that despite the skills, knowledge and technology we have today, too many people lose their lives at work each year .

Safety and Safe Behavior

The reason why workers might skip safety procedures, such as putting on the right PPE every time, is that this takes time and effort. Especially if there is lot of pressure to finish the job quickly. If we consider a situation where a worker has done the same job for several years, and has never had an incident in the task, they would be more likely to skip safety procedures unless these are encouraged by the employer.

Hence, to improve safety and encourage safe behavior, employers should make it easier for workers to follow safety procedures and safe behavior. For example, providing tools that make reporting safety issues easy can make a huge difference. It is also important that management and the overall workplace culture encourage and prioritise safety over productivity.

With this video, we want to encourage workplaces to make it easy for employees to invest in tools that simplify safety at work.

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