Microsoft has announced the retirement of SharePoint add-ins in Microsoft 365.

This is expected as part of the continued investment in the platform.

As an active participant in the Microsoft development community, Pro-Sapien has been preparing for this change.

When is the change coming?

Microsoft has provided the following timeline:

  • November 1, 2024: SharePoint Add-ins will stop working in new 365 tenants.
  • April 2, 2026: SharePoint Add-ins will be fully retired.

Third-party SharePoint Add-ins (such as Pro-Sapien) will continue to work until April 2, 2026.

You can find full details of the announcement on the Microsoft Tech Community.

What is Pro-Sapien doing?

The version of Pro-Sapien you are using is deployed as a SharePoint Add-in.  This facilitates single sign-on for users, and IT administrator control of the permissions the application has in your environment.

To prepare for the upcoming change, Pro-Sapien has been migrating our application to a Microsoft Entra ID App architecture (also known as an Azure AD App or Azure Enterprise App).  The application is using Entra ID already, and it will replace the SharePoint Add-in entirely in an upcoming release.

This architecture will provide the same benefits as SharePoint Add-ins and is Microsoft’s recommendation going forward for third-party apps such as Pro-Sapien.

How will Pro-Sapien be different?

Good news! 🙂 Your users will continue to use Pro-Sapien the same way, with seamless single sign-on, mobile-responsive forms, and access to the application from SharePoint and Teams.

You will also benefit from improved authentication performance, and use of new features that leverage Microsoft Graph APIs such as external user collaboration.

What do I need to do?

No immediate action is required.  Your existing Pro-Sapien app will continue to work until April 2, 2026.

We’ll be reaching out to our clients over the coming months to arrange deployment of the update.

Questions in the meantime? We’re here to help! Feel free to get in touch online or through your Pro-Sapien contact.

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