Top 11 OSHA Fails Summer 2019

If you're a health and safety enthusiast, you'll know r/OSHA on Reddit. And if you haven't seen it, then it is my gift to you.

I've been a fervent fan of this subreddit for a few months, so without further ado, let me present the top 11 OSHA fails in recent Reddit times.

Top OSHA Fails Summer 2019

1) "Need to hold up a board? No problem!"

OSHA fail: A crowbar holding up a board.
u/ilikemes8 via Reddit

2) That was written on the side for a reason...

OSHA fail: Yellow bucket with "Not to be used as a hard hat" written on the side.
u/5_Frog_Margin via Reddit

3) "This could have its ups and downs."

OSHA fail: A sign reading "Please do not turn off the light switch. It also operates the elevator. Thank You "
u/katewhiteshark via Reddit


4) "But was it okay if he was using safety specs?"

OSHA Fail: Details of Near Miss or Hazard - Employee observed using compressed air to 'cool down'.
u/MikeW86 via Reddit

5) "No hardhat, long pants, work boots, or common sense. All while being lifted with a backhoe..."


OSHA fail: A man wearing shorts and no safety hat being lifted by a backhoe.
u/Gratefulphan88 via Reddit

6) "Always take safety seriously."

OSHA fail: A board reading "How many days since last incident? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
u/icemann4 via Reddit

7) "At least they were nice enough to leave a cart!"

OSHA fail: Three stacks of chairs - one still in the cart - placed in front of the fire exit door.
u/clueless pony via Reddit

9) "Seems perfectly safe to me."

OSHA fail: A man using ladders balanced on a staircase.
u/ShartyMcFly1982 via Reddit

10) "Don't forget your lasers!"

OSHA fail: A warning sign reading "Laser in use! Do not enter without wearing laser."
u/jesuswantsbrains via Reddit

11) And finally, "the first thing I seen when I pulled up onsite."

OSHA fail: A man balancing on a door frame to get into the ceiling space.
u/kebert_xela2286 via Reddit

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