Since you all loved our last Reddit OSHA fails blog, we decided to do it all over again. Let me present the top OSHA fails of 2019, thanks to the Reddit safety community.

Top OSHA Fails of 2019

1) "You're welcome."

u/mattshup via Reddit

2) "Only entrance to my current job site."

OSHA fail: Dangerous entrance to a job site. Metal box in ditch with nails.
u/kaskiaski via Reddit

3) "Absolutely no PPE in sight..."

OSHA fail: photo of a black bear walking through a warehouse.
u/SporksandForks via Reddit


4) "The fifth floor of our building has been held up by jacks for 20+ years."

OSHA fails: photo of a room full of jacks.
u/dillon_penrod via Reddit

5) "The supervisor asked me to delete the picture as well. No harness on either of them."


OSHA fails: two men on scaffolding with no harnesses.
u/pratim3095 via Reddit

6) "All these fire extinguisher posts, I figured I would share this one I found as an inspector."

OSHA fail: fire extinguisher with a cut in it.
u/Cadavr3 via Reddit

7) "Saw this on a competitors job-site. The city inspector letting them know it's wrong."

OSHA fail: "This is wrong" spray painted on ground next to hazard.
u/DMAS1638 via Reddit

8) "Seems perfectly safe to me."

OSHA fail
u/aesthetic_vi via Reddit

9) And finally, "My father has owned his own lawn care company for 24 years".

OSHA fail: man sawing metal on his lap.
u/xI_Tipton_Ix via Reddit

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