Who We Serve

Pro-Sapien is enterprise-class EHS software on Office 365, designed for organizations in high risk or highly regulated sectors. We've worked with many of our clients for years, during which time we have built strong and trusted relationships. Moreover, it's our vision that every client has an amazing experience they want to shout about.

Our software implementations across North America and Europe are diverse; from a handful of sites to those involving hundreds of locations globally. Take a look at our sample of clients below or hear it in their own words with our case studies.

We support enterprises across a range of industries

Thanks to the flexibility of our software, we work with enterprises in numerous industries including Oil & Gas, Environmental Services, Utilities, Logistics & Supply Chain, and more.

Case Studies

We could spend all day telling you how great our software is, but why not let our clients tell you instead? Read our customer stories to learn how we help companies solve industry-specific challenges with our flexible, Office 365-integrated solutions.

Pro-Sapien's EHS Software in Teams

See our EHS software on Office 365 for yourself

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