Case Studies

We could spend all day telling you how great our software is, but why not let some of our clients tell you instead?

Pro-Sapien works with a wide range of organizations to increase EHS engagement and reduce EHS risk. Here, read their stories. See how we resolved their unique industry issues and provided them with easy-to-use software to match their business needs.

South Jersey Industries


SJI's Widespread Visibility into Safety Performance

For years, South Jersey Industries (SJI) was collating safety data using paper forms, emails, and spreadsheets. After rolling out Office 365, the team identified Pro-Sapien to consolidate Safety processes. Read their story to learn how they went from disconnected IT to sharing safety information easily across the company.

LBC Tank Terminals


370% Increase in Near Miss Reporting at LBC TT

LBC Tank Terminals (LBC) is an independent operator of bulk liquid storage facilities for chemicals, oils and refined petroleum products. In 2017, LBC chose Pro-Sapien as part of a new, holistic approach to CSR. In September 2019, LBC won a prestigious EHS award for their work with Pro-Sapien.



Improved SHEQ Incident Management at Tronox

Working with raw materials can be a dangerous environment if not properly monitored and managed. As part of the firm’s uncompromising focus on safety, reliability and responsibility, Tronox (Mississippi) deployed Pro-Sapien in 2017, with the primary aim of time saving in the SHEQ incident reporting process.



ASCO Spends 80% Less Time On Monthly Reporting

ASCO is an essential partner for global oil and gas materials, equipment and logistics management. In 2017, ASCO chose Pro-Sapien's solution on SharePoint and Power BI to consolidate all HSSEQ processes and the associated reporting of key information across its worldwide operations.



VINCI Construction UK

The construction industry is prone to a high number of injuries and accidents. Therefore, VINCI Construction UK rolled out Pro-Sapien in 2012 with the primary aim of increasing reporting. Since then, the company has awarded Pro-Sapien two innovation awards and named us as a preferred vendor worldwide.



Peterson Marine Logistics

The management of large projects when offshore can be physically and logistically difficult. Peterson Marine Logistics prides itself on delivering industry-leading standards, and so required an EHS system that could live up to the company's core values and stand the test of the industry's challenges.


Compliance is king in the financial world. Mazars, one of the UK's largest accounting firms, uses Pro-Sapien's software for various processes on SharePoint. In an ongoing partnership, we have become the company's 'go to guys' for SharePoint consultancy and development, which is a good example of how our work with clients is not limited to EHS.

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