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Supporting clients across a range of industries

Thanks to the flexibility of our software, we work with enterprises in numerous industries including Oil & Gas, Environmental Services, Utilities, Logistics & Supply Chain, and more. Whether it's a universal EHS challenge or an industry-specific one, Pro-Sapien is configurable to meet your requirements in high-risk, highly regulated sectors.

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Aerospace and Defense

Pro-Sapien allows organizations in the sectors of aerospace and defense to manage their EHS, quality and compliance needs effectively and securely.

Our flexible, configurable SharePoint-based software ensures those working within aerospace and defense meet and exceed compliance goals. Be it conducting risk assessments, incident investigations or safety checklists, our software helps aerospace and defense EHS teams flourish.

Furthermore, Pro-Sapien is available for SharePoint on-premise, which has been a critical option for some of our existing aerospace and defense clients.

Organizations in this industry will also be pleased to know we are a JOSCAR accredited supplier, meeting stringent standards around personnel, legal, finance, insurance, cyber security, and data privacy.


The construction industry is prone to a high number of injuries and accidents.

To combat this, Pro-Sapien allows construction firms, working on dozens of high risk projects at any one time, to manage risk more effectively. 

In response to the use of external contractors being common among the construction industry, Pro-Sapien has developed products targeted at minimizing risks involved with a transient workforce. 

Pro-Sapien supports large, multi-site companies in the construction industry to manage their health and safety remotely on-site via the use of our award winning mobile apps and forms. Reports can be produced on injury rates, near misses, or loss of time, or for reporting on accident rates of staff vs. contractors.


The engineering industry faces very difficult challenges within EHS such as staff safety, quality of work and overseeing that industry standards are being met. Pro-Sapien allows large, multi-site companies in the engineering industry to manage their health and safety remotely on-site via the use of our mobile apps and forms. This data can then be managed and reported on via a central location within SharePoint. For example, reports could be produced on injury rates, near misses, loss of time, or reporting on accident rates for staff vs contractors. The software also allows the reporting of incidents, with an accident investigation module allowing EHS managers to probe an injury or near miss from start to finish.

Healthcare Services

The healthcare industry has risks and responsibilities which need to be managed efficiently, both to protect the general public and ensure people – and often expensive resources – are well looked after. Pro-Sapien allows those in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors to meet their EHS, quality, safety, risk and compliance needs. This data can then be managed and reported on via a central location in SharePoint.

One of the main uses of our software within healthcare is for its Significant Adverse Effects Review (SAER) functionality, which drives improvement by providing a single electronic repository and tracking system for SAER recording and management. This allows escalation, scrutiny, review and closure of adverse events based on a standardized process and supporting monitoring and management of performance of adverse event learning and review process.

Logistics and Supply Chain

An industry that covers a number of different activities, the logistics and supply chain sector is subject to a wide range of risks that differ from company to company. In light of this, Pro-Sapien's tailorable EHS systems fit well with the industry's diverse challenges. We're working with logistics and supply chain customers to deliver EHS solutions that are robust, wholesome and easy to use, all the while supportive of the client's ongoing strategy for excellence. 

On top of this, logistics and supply chain companies are often impacted by seasonal trends, often requiring the on-boarding of contractor or temporary workers throughout busier months; with Pro-Sapien's mobile forms, engaging the transient workforce has never been so simple.

Customer Story: LBC Tank Terminals →


The manufacturing industry has a higher than average risk of injury, so it is important that your staff are not only alert to health and safety risks but are engaged in incident and near-miss reporting, too.

Pro-Sapien is currently used by companies in manufacturing to capture incident information, set and track actions, manage audits and inspections, and support investigations into EHS related behavior. It also helps large organizations comply with regulatory requirements and assists in ensuring that the quality of work being carried out is of a sufficiently high standard. With our award-winning mobile forms, barriers to reporting are further removed - capture information on the go be you in the factory, warehouse or on the assembly line.

Oil, Gas & Energy

By their very nature, oil, gas and energy industries are high risk. With potential exposure to highly dangerous or hazardous chemicals and environments a real and present risk, compliance and safety is of paramount importance.

Our software can ensure your organization complies with its regulatory requirements and rules, managing any incidents which occur, be it injuries, near-misses or a full investigation of an accident. With high-risk machinery and areas of work prevalent, you can also use our software to carry out risk assessments, both using a desktop and with our award-winning mobile forms.

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The utilities sector is one of the most heavily regulated, which has resulted in mature health and safety systems over the years. However, as utilities firms grow and modernize, old systems consisting of paper forms and spreadsheets are no longer fit-for-purpose.

Pro-Sapien provides EHS software to utilities companies looking to simultaneously reduce effort in data collation and boost the profile of health and safety across the business. To that end, our mobile-responsive forms give employees out in the field an easy and quick way to report an issue, while our integration with Office 365 helps get safety information the visibility it deserves throughout the organization.

With our robust, configured EHS software on Office 365, we help utilities firms manage risk across a range of sites and projects, and engage the workforce in ongoing health and safety initiatives.

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