Flexible to meet your industry needs

Our configurable EHS and Quality software is used in a range of industries including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Utilities, Manufacturing, and more. Whether it's a universal challenge or an industry-specific one, Pro-Sapien is flexible to meet your needs in high-risk, highly regulated sectors.

Aerospace & Defense

Be it conducting risk assessments, incident investigations, or safety checklists, Pro-Sapien helps Aerospace & Defense firms flourish. Our single-tenant application is hosted in your organization's Microsoft Azure, providing you full security control and satisfying stringent InfoSec requirements.


By the sector's nature, Chemicals industry workers are regularly exposed to dangerous materials. To assist, we provide Chemicals companies with EHS software configured to match company-specific processes, such as unique Permit to Work or Incident Investigation workflows.

Case Study: Tronox →


Pro-Sapien is flexible to suit Construction companies operating dozens of projects that change over time. We've developed forms specifically to address the challenges of this high-risk industry, where an often transient workforce is exposed to considerable SIF potential.

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The Engineering industry is diverse. Varied projects such as construction, land surveying, and infrastructure make for a range of risks and environments. To rise to this challenge, global players in the sector use Pro-Sapien's comprehensive EHS software that dynamically meets requirements, whatever the discipline.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Our Logistics & Supply Chain customers help keep economies moving. Whether it's bulk liquid storage or transportation by land, sea, or air, Logistics organizations use Pro-Sapien to help protect employees and the environment in a range of industrial settings.

Case Study: LBC Tank Terminals →


From food and beverages to packaging to textiles, we support a range of Manufacturing firms around the world. Employees working with or in close proximity to machinery makes this a high risk industry requiring robust EHS solutions that are quick and easy for frontline workers to use.

Oil, Gas & Energy

For over 10 years, companies in the Oil, Gas & Energy industry have been using Pro-Sapien to efficiently manage EHS and Quality. With a focus on sustainability, clients in this sector require EHSQ solutions that boost productivity and provide insightful KPIs to foster business improvement.

Case Study: ASCO →


Utilities organizations are constantly on the move, with workers at customer homes, plants and facilities, and roadways—over- and underground, during the day or night. This makes Pro-Sapien's easy access in Microsoft 365 especially important, in an key industry where EHS is heavily regulated.

Case Study: SJI →

Waste Management

The Waste Management industry is instrumental in achieving the world's ESG commitments, and requires easy-to-use EHS software to help it rise to the challenge, sustainably. Pro-Sapien is used by clients in the Waste industry to manage the safety of staff and contractors.

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Our clients are in varied industries, but what they have in common is their use of Microsoft 365 and desire to make EHS management easier. Pro-Sapien lets Microsoft 365 enterprises engage everyone in EHS, from frontline workers to the board, for better buy-in and safer outcomes. If you want to join our mission, get in touch today.


Easy EHS Management with Pro-Sapien

South Jersey Industries

"Before, the organization only saw what the Safety team had time to distribute. Now, with Pro-Sapien, safety information is right there on corporate dashboards along with our financial and operations performance ... We couldn’t be happier with Pro-Sapien."

Widespread Visibility Into Safety →

LBC Tank Terminals

"LBC takes a holistic approach to risk management. Therefore, we implemented Pro-Sapien and have improved employee engagement ever since, while capturing a broader spectrum of risks across the company."

370% Increase in Near Miss Reporting →

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