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Construction Safety Software

Health and safety software solutions on SharePoint for the construction industry and all its unique requirements

SharePoint integrated
Access for contractors
Pro-Sapien's Safety Software is a SharePoint Add-In

Proactively mitigate risk in construction equipped with Pro-Sapien's Safety Software on SharePoint and Office 365

The construction industry is by its very nature prone to a high number of injuries and accidents. Pro-Sapien's construction safety software allows companies working on high risk projects in the industry to manage that risk and their Health & Safety more effectively.

Construction operations experience their own unique set of challenges. For example, an increasingly transient workforce means the use of contractors is common, which the safety software system must cater for. With powerful functionality for a number of processes deployed straight into your existing SharePoint portal, managing Health & Safety in construction has never been so seamless.

Construction Safety Software

Capture, follow up, analyze and act on important safety information with a selection of our modules that will help reduce risk across multiple changing sites.

Safety professionals are increasingly realizing the opportunity to make use of modern technologies to encourage reporting, with independent analyst firm Verdantix reporting that 57% intend to leverage mobile apps this year.

All of our forms are responsive, but unsurprisingly, the safety observation form is the most frequently used on mobile by workers out in the field – optimized for fast access, it is lightweight and does not require much memory or power to load.

Safety professionals can gather this valuable information by making reporting as easy as possible. Through working with VINCI plc, one of the world’s largest construction firms, we have developed technology to allow anyone with a smartphone to scan QR codes displayed on site to access the safety observation form. That means no need for a system login, which can be difficult to stay on top of when numerous contractors or visitors are involved at different job sites. Read more...

Make it easy for users to report incidents with our dynamics forms that update as they are filled in, supporting multiple incident types and subtypes. For example, someone recording a personal injury will be asked for different information than someone reporting damage to equipment. Or, if the injured party is a visitor, the form will require different information than if it was an employee.

Values given, such as the severity of the incident, also influence personnel notifications and the workflow that the form then moves through. As a form moves through its workflow, other tabs become available such as Analysis, Investigation and Close Out, meaning everything relating to this item is kept in one central location. Read more...

Pro-Sapien's Work Permits system contains various permit types from electrical isolation, to hot work and working at height, all of which may be relevant in construction.

Permits can be allocated for different timescales and staff or contractors can sign off using various methods such as digital signature. Furthermore, as with all the forms, appropriate KPI measures can be accessed through SharePoint to see the exact number of permits outstanding, for example.

As well as managing different permit types, the form manages various sections for signatures, inspections, hand-overs and extensions of work permits. Read more...

Make it easy for users to log data from inspections with our dynamics forms that update as they are filled in, supporting multiple inspections types such as safety tours, surveys and environment sampling. As a user fills in the inspections form a score will be generated for each category, indicating whether it is compliant with organizational limits or in need of improvement actions. Each category feeds into an Overall Inspection Rating which can be used as a criteria for escalation notifications.

There is an inspections questions list within the system which is where a client is in control of the questions that appear on the inspection form(s). This means you can manage the inspections over time, so it may be that on a quarterly or annual basis you review your inspections and there are certain questions you want to take out and add, which is fully within your control. You are not dependent on Pro-Sapien to change inspections questions. Read more...

We have a number of risk assessment forms in our portfolio which typically include 5x5 or lopo, mepo and hipo risk matrices.  Our system supports both organizational Risk Assessments and task-based RAs such as Job Safety Analysis, with dynamic forms that change based on various values such as Type and Location.

The various risks associated with a particular task can be quickly added to the risk assessment form, which users can load from a template.

Users of our software can also manage Risk Assessment review schedules where recurring expiry/due dates are set and notifications are sent out when the review date is approaching.

In terms of the reporting, you'll be able to create dashboards and reports specifically on different types of risk assessment as well. You may want to show those altogether, or you may want them separate. Read more...

Assign, track, and manage all follow up tasks across the business with the central Action Manager, implemented with all deployments.

Corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs) can be allocated in a number of ways.

  • Actions can be set automatically by safety form workflows, such as approval requests;
  • Actions can be assigned manually within forms, such as in incident investigations;
  • Or actions can be created as a single item within the Action Manager area itself.

When an action is approaching due date or becomes overdue, notifications are automatically sent to the appropriate individuals for follow up, and this data is also available for analysis in business intelligence dashboards. Read more...

It is important to have the right tools and processes in place so that safety information can be followed up and investigated efficiently. Integration with SharePoint offers the control over audit features so that every version, every approval, when and whom submitted and approved can be logged, thus providing an audit trail for the life cycle of all forms.

Pro-Sapien also provides functionality for document management for editing metadata, creating views, versioning, setting review dates, and search.


Construction Client Testimonial

VINCI Construction

Brought into service in 2012, Pro-Sapien's health and safety software has benefited VINCI, one of the world's largest construction companies, with more frequent reporting and immediate processing of information.

Our primary objective was to implement a system that fully addresses the needs of the HSE department’s operational and regulatory processes. The fact that Pro-Sapien’s solution is flexible and can incorporate change as our requirements advance over time was also core to our decision. Pro-Sapien’s experience and technical expertise, combined with their software, delivered an HSEQ portal that met our expectations. As a result we have a robust solution that has removed bureaucracy for end-users, is fit for purpose and tightly integrates with our Microsoft Office and SharePoint environment.

Andy Sneddon, VINCI UK Group Health and Safety Director
Read more →

user-friendly system that works your way


Our software takes on the look and feel of your existing SharePoint portal that users already know - minimizing training and encouraging adoption.


No need to issue new logins to users, as our software is accessed with existing SharePoint credentials (and supports single sign-on).


We spend time onsite with every client prior to implementation configuring the system to make sure it matches your processes and works the way you do.

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