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Pro-Sapien is the Safety software designed for enterprises on Office 365. Get more done with EHS software as easy as email.

Simpler to access. Easier to use. Better connected.

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Pro-Sapien's EHS Software in Teams
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Get more done with Safety software in your familiar environment

We're on a mission to make Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) as easy as email. Therefore, what sets Pro-Sapien apart is that it's deployed to your SharePoint, easy for everyone to access and use. Watch our short video to learn how it works.

Bring Safety into the Modern Workplace

In 2021, enterprises are digitizing like never before. With the growth and convergence of tools in Office 365, this is the natural home for Safety, too. Pro-Sapien's Safety Software on Office 365 brings Safety into the Modern Workplace—with straightforward access through the Microsoft apps you use everyday. For Office 365-centric firms, Pro-Sapien is a no-brainer.


Manage all Pro-Sapien forms, libraries and workflows in your corporate SharePoint environment.


Bring your safety to-do list into Teams, the Microsoft app for chat, calls and collaboration.

Power BI

Report on your Safety data in Power BI, with KPIs and rolling rates configured to your requirements.

An integrated Safety solution, all in Office 365. Pro-Sapien has modules for Incident Management, Observations, Audits & Inspections and more to support common safety processes in high-risk industries. In addition, every system comes with our core Action Manager and Business Intelligence tools to help you understand where you need to focus your efforts.

Action Manager

Assign and track actions from any integrated module, with reminders to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Audits & Inspections

Find and correct potential noncompliances by conducting regular Audits & Inspections.

Incident Management

Log incidents, investigate why they happened and implement corrective action plans to avoid recurrence.


Let employees quickly and easily flag environmental, security and safety observations on the job.

Permit to Work

Manage work permits for Confined Spaces, Excavation, Hot Work and more to ensure safe procedures.

Risk Assessment

Complete risk assessments and document the required controls to improve safety across the business.

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The best place to start is our demo videos. See if Pro-Sapien is what you're looking for. Get access today.

Why Pro-Sapien?

Simpler to access

With Pro-Sapien, there's no new app to go to or new passwords to remember. Simply log in to Office 365, and Pro-Sapien is right there. Additionally, if your organization uses domain-joined devices, it's even more convenient for employees to access Pro-Sapien and do what they need to do.

Office 365 Login

Easier to learn

Pro-Sapien adopts the look and feel of your corporate SharePoint, making it much easier for users to pick up quickly. In fact, most won't even know they're using Pro-Sapien. Combined with configuration, Pro-Sapien helps you get everyone engaged in Safety, your way.

Pro-Sapien in Office 365

Better connected

With a single data warehouse in Azure, Pro-Sapien utilizes Power BI for user-friendly but powerful reporting in the heart of Office 365. As a result, you can publish Safety information on the same dashboards as Finance, Operations and Sales to get your message heard across the entire organization.

Sales, Procurement and EHS charts in Power BI

What they're saying

South Jersey Industries

"Before, the organization only saw what the Safety team had time to distribute. Now, with Pro-Sapien, safety information is right there on corporate dashboards along with our financial and operations performance."

Craig Stewart
Director of Safety & Quality

LBC Tank Terminals

"We implemented Pro-Sapien as part of our holistic approach to risk management, and have improved employee engagement ever since. Not only that, we are now proactively capturing a broader spectrum of risks across the company."

Allison Volbeda-Newell
Group CSR Director


"By standardizing incident forms and workflows, and consolidating data into one system, we have been able to increase efficiencies, cut the man hours required to manage and report safety incidents and reduce overall risk."

Jim Titmuss
Group IT&S Director

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Whether it's reporting a near miss or managing actions, our goal is to make safety software as easy as email. In other words, safety should be familiar, easy, and a big part of company culture. Get started by watching the demo today to learn how Pro-Sapien could work for you.