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Reducing The Cost Of Risk

Webinar Recording • Risk Management: Could new sentencing guidelines work in your favor?

Thursday March 17, 2016
30 minutes
Brodies LLC, Marsh, Pro-Sapien

Prove you’re doing risk management right

For a 30-minute session, we will be joined by David Hennessy of Brodies Solicitors and Eamonn Gallacher of Marsh Insurance. In this discussion we'll be looking at the topic of new sentencing guidelines from a legal standpoint, an insurance standpoint and from an IT perspective, with the overarching theme of improved risk management.  The panel will provide rounded view on the current EHS landscape with expert advice on the actions you should be taking.

  • Use new guidelines as an opportunity to improve safety culture
  • What you can to do lower culpability
  • Forecasts for the insurance marketplace in coming months and how to make your company appealing to insurers
  • Bursaries that are available for companies wishing to implement new procedures

On top of speaking to you, we'll also be showing you practical examples of managing actions and business information with Microsoft IT you may already have. Accidents happen; it's what you learn from them that's important.

This webinar is no longer available through our website. To request a copy of the recording, please email hello@pro-sapien.com.

The Speakers

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David Hennessy Brodies LLP

David is an expert in Scottish health and safety law and has been working with Brodies Solicitors since 2010. Offering his advice on what you need to do to reduce culpability, David will be concentrating on the non-compliance and the law aspect of this topic.

Eamonn Gallacher Marsh

Involved in insurance and risk management since 2009, Eamonn is well positioned to offer advice on what companies can do to lower their cost of risk in the insurance marketplace. Eamonn is a Development Executive at Marsh in Scotland. 

Peter Clark Pro-Sapien Software

Peter has spent his working life in the IT industry and is passionate about deploying solutions that use data to produce information that helps organisations to make better business decisions. Peter will be hosting this webinar on behalf of Pro-Sapien Software.

Hannah Stewart manages the Digital Marketing team at Pro-Sapien, and has been with the company since graduating with a BA Hons in Communications in 2015. Hannah has a keen interest in technology advancements and enjoys engaging EHS professionals in conversations about how the profession will be affected by such changes. At Pro-Sapien, Hannah manages all things marketing and works closely with the Sales team on business development.