Snippet: The Pro-Sapien Action Manager on Office 365 (SharePoint Online) will now support adding actions at any workflow stage, long term actions, action rejection, and manual Verifier selection.

September 15, 2020 • Glasgow, UK

Pro-Sapien, provider of enterprise EHS software on Office 365, has announced several updates to the core Action Manager module.

The Action Manager module is a key tool deployed in all Pro-Sapien implementations. It integrates with most Pro-Sapien optional modules and gives clients the ability to also manage standalone tasks.

The new updates include:

  • Add actions at any workflow stage on integrated forms (e.g. Incidents, Audits, Inspections, Risk Assessments, NCRs, Observations), not just at certain stages
  • Designate long term actions to extend past source form close-out
  • Action rejection by Verifiers if action not completed satisfactorily
  • Ability to select Verifier if automatic selection based on hierarchy or integrated form values is unavailable

The enhancements will be made available to clients using the SharePoint Online version of Pro-Sapien.

Dieter Visser, Product Manager at Pro-Sapien, commented:

“We are always looking for ways to make our software more and more flexible for clients, which is what these updates deliver in relation to actions. We work closely with our clients and listen to their ideas to influence our product roadmap and direction, as ultimately, something that benefits one organization will likely also benefit many others. The Action Manager remains core to our EHS software suite and we’re pleased to be enhancing its value for customers.”

For more information about the Pro-Sapien Action Manager on Office 365, please see the product page.

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