The enhanced multilingual capabilities allow Office 365 clients to easily edit translations of multiple choice values on forms, which can then be used to generate local language reports.

May 18, 2018 • Glasgow, UK

Pro-Sapien, provider of enterprise EHS&Q software on SharePoint and Office 365, has today announced enhancements to its multilingual capabilities. Clients on the Office 365 platform can now easily edit the translations of multiple choice values and labels on forms, and reports can be automatically generated in the user’s local or preferred language.

In the past, all translation requests had to go through Pro-Sapien; both label and lookup translations. A lookup refers to multiple choices (e.g. a drop-down menu) available to fill in a field, such as incident type or body part harmed – these are managed and configured using the Lookup Manager.

With the enhanced multilingual capabilities, clients can now use the Lookup Manager themselves to add and change translations to values available in form fields. For example, if a new incident cause is added, the client can enter the translation for that incident cause for the languages that the system is available in (these are defined by the client and Pro-Sapien during implementation), such as Spanish or French, there and then.

The main benefit of this new multilingual enhancement is the freedom and self-sufficiency that clients will have over their terminology and translations. Dieter Visser, Senior Software Developer and the lead on the multilingual enhancements project, commented:

“The reason we are doing this is so that we can better serve our clients’ increasingly dynamic and global workforce. The enhanced Lookup Manager gives them the freedom and flexibility to independently modify and control the language and terminology they want to use. This means that the system will not be geographically constrained, and companies can easily adapt it to any location."

This new product feature improves the software’s user-friendliness and will build upon the ability to serve users dashboards in their local language. Visser commented:

“The biggest benefits to clients are the customized lookups and labels that allow companies to use the terminology their employees are accustomed to. Having reporting in the local language is also a huge benefit. Translating in-house is obviously not a requirement, and we are happy to provide the client with the translations if preferred.”

Screenshot - Multilingual Lookup Manager (click for bigger image)
Screenshot of the Multilingual Lookup Manager

The enhanced multilingual Lookup Manager strengthens one of Pro-Sapien’s differentiators, configurability, which is largely facilitated by the software being on Office 365. According to independent analyst firm Verdantix, configurability is the number one criteria for EHS software buyers. Another note buyers will be pleased to hear is that this enhanced functionality will not increase the cost of Pro-Sapien’s annual subscription.

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