The improved Pro-Sapien external sharing capability allows organizations to easily invite third parties to forms via Azure AD, facilitating seamless contractor safety management.

October 10, 2023 • Glasgow, UK

Pro-Sapien, provider of EHS software built into Microsoft 365, has announced support for Azure AD external sharing to enhance the platform’s contractor safety management abilities.

The strengthened integration streamlines gathering safety information from non-company users such as contractors, agencies, temporary workers, or other external stakeholders.

Originally developed for the Contractor Register software, external access is now available on any Pro-Sapien form for activities such as:

  • Contractors completing onboarding safety checklists
  • Capturing contractor worker signatures on a permit to work
  • Temporary workers contributing to incident investigation

When enabled by administrators, the new ‘Share’ button on a form allows business users with the right permissions to:

  • View all external users who have access to this form
  • Add new external users by entering their email address
  • Remove external users from this form

The invited external user gets a notification email and can access the Pro-Sapien form by going through the quick Azure AD verification process. 

The new 'Share' button on Pro-Sapien forms facilitates external access enabling more seamless contractor safety management
The new ‘Share’ button on Pro-Sapien forms facilitates external access

Using Azure external access with Pro-Sapien adheres to strict security protocols, including configurable permissions settings to meet organization requirements.

Pavels Mihailovs, a key developer on the project at Pro-Sapien, commented:

“External access further extends the versatility of Pro-Sapien by providing more options for organizations to capture safety information. As we built this in a way that seamlessly integrates with our main solution without compromising on security, third parties can access and use specific parts of the system just like internal users would. The whole experience is part of a familiar workflow process and I’m excited to see how our clients will put it to use.”

The new external access capability comes at a time when, according to the Global Corporate Survey 2023 by Verdantix, improving contractor management and visibility is a priority for 85% of firms.

External access is just one of a series of new features being released this year, enhancing the Pro-Sapien EHS platform on Microsoft 365.

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