The new Incident Reporting Power App helps EHS teams make the most of their Office 365 investment and makes it easier for remote employees to report incidents without an internet connection.

October 19, 2021 • Glasgow, UK

Pro-Sapien, the provider of EHS software on Office 365, will now offer a Microsoft Power App for offline incident reporting.

The ability to log incidents with no internet connection is crucial for organizations with employees working in remote locations.

The use of Power Apps means clients with this Pro-Sapien add-on can now roll out access via the well-known Microsoft Power Apps iOS and Android apps, versus a vendor-specific app.

This comes with many benefits, including:

  • Easier for employees to access and adopt alongside other business Power Apps
  • Reduces the number of iOS and Android apps organizations must manage
  • Reduces security risk associated with third-party apps
  • Direct integration with the Pro-Sapien SharePoint application
Pro-Sapien Incident Reporting Power App
Enable remote workers to report incidents offline in the Pro-Sapien Incident Reporting Power App

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and with an Office 365-based application, Pro-Sapien stays aligned with Microsoft to help clients leverage the latest technologies.

Securely in Microsoft 365

Elena Madrid, a key developer on the project at Pro-Sapien, commented:

“Our clients and the marketplace require streamlined, secure EHS solutions, and we are pleased to offer that with the new Power App offline upgrade. Additionally, the form itself is incredibly lightweight and easy-to-use, so it’s a straightforward process for remote employees to report issues into the central SharePoint system.”  

Caroline Mckinlay, a key developer on the project at Pro-Sapien, commented:

“With functionality to save forms offline and automatic upload to the integrated SharePoint site, the Pro-Sapien Power App lets our clients hear about incidents as soon as possible. Our aim with this upgrade is to help clients get the most of their Office 365 investment whilst making daily EHS management that much easier.”

Existing clients are to be offered the upgrade, which will also be available to all new clients as part of the Incident Management module.

This utilization of Power Apps, on top of the existing use of SharePoint and Power BI, further strengthens Pro-Sapien as the vendor-of-choice for Microsoft 365 enterprises.

For more information about Pro-Sapien Incident Management in Office 365, view the product page.

About Pro-Sapien

Pro-Sapien is the go-to provider of enterprise Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) software on SharePoint and Office 365. Developed with high risk and heavily regulated sectors in mind, Pro-Sapien’s award-winning software harnesses the Office 365 platform to to support a range of EHS and Quality functions.

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