Pro-Sapien’s new mobile app, based on Microsoft Power Apps, enables on-the-go and offline reporting of incidents, observations, and inspections.

April 15, 2024 • Glasgow, UK

Pro-Sapien, leading provider of EHS software on Microsoft 365, has launched a mobile solution on Microsoft Power Apps to support offline data capture.

The new and improved offering complements Pro-Sapien’s existing mobile-friendly EHS forms, but with the addition of offline reporting.

Customers with this add-on will be able to access Pro-Sapien forms through their existing Microsoft Power Apps environment, available on iOS and Android.

Like the rest of the Pro-Sapien platform, this is achieved within the familiar security of Microsoft Azure.

The offline Power App comes with many benefits, including:

  • Easy for employees to adopt alongside other business Power Apps
  • Minimizes the number of iOS and Android apps organizations must manage
  • Reduces security risk associated with third-party apps
  • Direct integration with the Pro-Sapien Microsoft 365 application

As a Microsoft Partner, Pro-Sapien stays aligned with Microsoft to help clients leverage the latest technologies.

The Pro-Sapien Power App for offline safety data capture

Enabling secure, offline EHS data capture

With Pro-Sapien’s new offline Power App, enterprises can allow employees to report EHS incidents, observations and inspections while on-the-go and without internet connection.

This helps to capture information quickly and accurately on a mobile, tablet, or intrinsically-safe device.

Colin Clark, Senior Consultant at Pro-Sapien and member of the product steering group, commented:

In situations where connectivity is weak or nonexistent, particularly for users in the field or working environments, having a lightweight interface to gather information will serve as a valuable complement to the Pro-Sapien application, enabling the workforce to efficiently capture data. We’re looking forward to rolling out the Power App to interested customers and seeing it benefit frontline workers by saving time and effort.

In the Global Corporate Survey 2023, industry analysts Verdantix noted that offline abilities in EHS apps are improving.

April Choy, EHS analyst at Verdantix, commented:

“Having offline capability in EHS systems is critical in today’s dynamic work environments. Pro-Sapien’s new functionality supports offline capability, allowing employees to log safety data even in areas with no internet access. This not only makes the system more accessible but also ensures continuous and immediate reporting, improving overall safety measures. Consistent and timely incident reports are key to initiating immediate corrective and preventive actions, thereby enhancing the organization’s overall safety procedures and responses.”

The Pro-Sapien mobile EHS solution joins a suite of EHS software modules including Incident Management, Inspections and Observations, all delivered on Microsoft 365.

For more information and to see a demo, visit the Offline Power App page.

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