Snippet: The new Azure-based workflow process makes Pro-Sapien’s EHS software on Office 365 even more user-friendly for clients, with a consolidated ‘To Do’ list, faster processing, and a simpler workflow management area.

February 9, 2021 • Glasgow, UK

Pro-Sapien, provider of EHS software on Office 365, is pleased to announce an upgrade to the software’s workflows.

Previously, the application used the latest version of SharePoint workflow to run processes such as task notifications and updating the status of forms.

Now, Pro-Sapien is moving to a combination of Azure Functions, Azure Queues and Azure Logic Apps.   

For users, the upgrade means:

  • Faster processing of tasks and notifications, nearly instantaneously
  • A new workflow management area to see history and pending tasks
  • Simpler access for admins to stop and resume form workflows
  • Homepage ‘My Actions’ list now includes workflow tasks as well, providing a complete to-do list

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and with an Office 365-based application, Pro-Sapien keeps closely aligned with Microsoft to help clients leverage the latest technologies.

Importantly, the new workflows use standard connectors to ensure there is no additional cost to the client.

The move comes as Microsoft deprecates older versions of SharePoint workflows while advancing the Azure suite of tools.

Gregory Kerr, a key developer on the project at Pro-Sapien, commented:

“Workflows are a big part of our EHS software application, responsible for moving forms to the next stage and involving the right people at the right time. SharePoint workflows served that purpose, but we’re always looking for ways to modernize. With the new Azure approach, we’re making our software faster and even more user-friendly for clients.

“For existing customers, the biggest benefit will be the inclusion of workflow tasks on  users’ homepage To Do list. Rather than only seeing Actions, such as those assigned following Incident Investigations or Audits, a user now also sees tasks from workflows that are waiting on them, such as form approvals and reviews. Clicking the task takes you right to the form.”

Dieter Visser, Product Manager at Pro-Sapien, added:

“SharePoint workflows were handy but had some downfalls. The new workflows provide much better control, so that we, and our users, know exactly what’s happening in the system. For example, an admin can easily pause and resume workflows from the new workflow management area with much less effort than before. On top of the consolidated My Actions lists and time-savings, this is definitely a useful upgrade for clients.”

Existing clients using SharePoint Online are to be offered the upgrade, which will be the default in all new Pro-Sapien implementations.

Furthermore, the new approach means there is no requirement for Pro-Sapien to manually implement workflow changes on a client’s SharePoint environment. Instead, everything gets delivered in a simple deployment process.

For more information about EHS Software on Office 365, visit the Pro-Sapien website or check out the Office 365: An EHS Portal No-Brainer? whitepaper.

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