Correct and prevent with the EHSQ Action Manager Software on Microsoft 365

Track all corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) with the Pro-Sapien EHS Action Manager on Microsoft 365. Using the platform your organization already knows, Pro-Sapien helps you increase EHS visibility, accountability, and engagement.


Manage EHSQ actions across the enterprise with ease

Whether it's an incident, audit, or something else, chances are there'll be follow up actions. Pro-Sapien Action Manager Software manages corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) on the Microsoft 365 platform you already know, with features to improve visibility, save time, and ensure standards are met.

  • Centralize EHS action management in Microsoft 365
  • Increase visibility with organized status dashboards
  • View your to-do list in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams
  • Ensure follow-through with automated reminders and escalation
  • Enforce high standards throughout the approval workflow
  • Report on progress with Action KPIs in Power BI
Pro-Sapien EHS Action Manager Software on Microsoft 365
Action Manager Software in Office 365 - Assign follow up actions
Assign follow-up actions

Assign corrective or preventative actions following an incident, audit, or other event

Action Manager Software in Office 365 - Track and manage actions
Track and manage

Get oversight on all actions or a local view in the central, filterable Action Manager library

Action Manager in Office 365 - Report on KPIs
Report on Action KPIs

Identify statistics, overdue trends and areas for improvement in Power BI

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Action Manager

Central action library

The central Action Manager is where all actions from your Pro-Sapien modules are held. The searchable, color-coded library makes it quick and easy to know who's responsible for what and when, with saved Views for common filters such as Location or Status.

Assign from anywhere

You'll find Action Manager integration with most Pro-Sapien modules including Incidents, Audits, Risk Assessment, and more. Actions can be assigned and tracked within these other modules, whilst being securely rooted in the central library.

Prioritize and categorize

Some actions require urgent attention, whereas others can wait until scheduled shutdowns. Therefore, the Pro-Sapien Action form allows you to prioritize and categorize actions in your preferred way, which can also be useful for trend analysis.

Approval workflow

Approve actions before they're distributed, and review them once they're completed. The ability to Approve or Reject an action provides further quality control, so you can be confident Closed actions have been completed to the expected standard.

Notifications and reminders

Automated notifications, reminders and escalation ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Emails contain high level information and a direct link to the action in Pro-Sapien, so the owner can easily find out what's required.

Report on Action KPIs

All your data from the Pro-Sapien Action Manager is at your fingertips. Display KPIs on dashboards to identify where things are going overdue, or analyze trends in detailed Power BI reports. We configure the Business Intelligence model to meet your needs.


Microsoft 365 Integration

Access all things Safety in Office 365 with Pro-Sapien

The natural home of EHS

Keep EHS front of mind for everyone. By integrating with the Microsoft 365 platform employees and executives use daily, Pro-Sapien is simpler to access, easier to use, and better connected, helping you drive EHS engagement across your enterprise.

The natural home of Safety

Keep EHS front of mind for everyone. By integrating with the Microsoft 365 platform employees and executives use daily, Pro-Sapien is simpler to access, easier to use, and better connected, helping you drive EHS engagement across your enterprise.

Microsoft 365

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How We Work

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Making EHS easy with Pro-Sapien

LBC Addresses Risk with Action Using Pro-Sapien

For years, LBC Tank Terminals, a global operator of bulk liquid storage facilities, relied on Excel spreadsheets to organize Corporate Social Responsibility actions. By partnering with Pro-Sapien, LBC eliminated laborious, static spreadsheets and moved entirely to the Action Manager.

LBC Tank Terminals

“The focus on actively tracking proactive reporting and assigning risk treatment measures using the Action Manager makes LBC an even safer and more rewarding place to work.”

– Allison Volbeda-Newell, Group Corporate Social Responsibility Director, LBC Tank Terminals

South Jersey Industries

"Before, the organization only saw what the Safety team had time to distribute. Now, with Pro-Sapien, safety information is right there on corporate dashboards along with our financial and operations performance ... We couldn’t be happier with Pro-Sapien."

Widespread Visibility Into Safety →

LBC Tank Terminals

"LBC takes a holistic approach to risk management. Therefore, we implemented Pro-Sapien and have improved employee engagement ever since, while capturing a broader spectrum of risks across the company."

370% Increase in Near Miss Reporting →


"Pro-Sapien has allowed us to solve problems more quickly and has introduced a level of transparency we did not have before. Furthermore, we not only have a functioning system, but a valuable partner to ensure our continued success."

Improved SHEQ Incident Reporting →

The EHS Software for Microsoft 365 Enterprises

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