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Track a range of CAPAs and Compliance Tasks with Pro-Sapien’s Action Manager on Office 365

Action Manager EHS Software
Assign CAPAs & Tasks
Track Progress & Completion
Automated Alerts & Reminders
Compliance Status KPIs

The Action Manager is implemented in all Pro-Sapien deployments because it is such a key productivity tool.

Regardless of whether the form being completed is an incident report or other, chances are that there will be a number of follow up or corrective tasks as a result.  Automating the action management process improves efficiency, allows for timely response and means all data captured can be reported on.

Our configurable system is deployed into your existing SharePoint environment where it is accessed by users. The Action Manager is a Core Module that integrates with all Pro-Sapien Optional Modules to easily assign Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs), plus facilitates recurring tasks for compliance management. 

Action Manager dashboard in Pro-Sapien on SharePoint
Action Manager

The Action Manager is a Core Module of Pro-Sapien that tracks all CAPAs and other tasks assigned through the system, complete with automated notifications and a configured approval process.

Pro-Sapien modules are integrated with the central Action Manager, meaning users can easily assign CAPAs straight from other forms.

Whether it be an incident investigation, audit finding or customer complaint, you can quickly create CAPAs without leaving the form, and the new action will retain a link back to its original source.

All CAPAs are held within the Action Manager library with their source, priority and due date clearly marked.

Keep on top of compliance management with Pro-Sapien. Set recurring tasks related to compliance items to run in schedules, requiring evidence that the task has been completed.

The Action Manager library for Compliance Tasks can be viewed as a calendar that shows you what needs done and when.

As Pro-Sapien is based on SharePoint, users can easily bring their My Action Calendar into Outlook.

Overlay your calendar to see how EHS and compliance tasks relate to other items in your Outlook Calendar, making it simpler to identify potential conflicts.

All action items are held within the central Action Manager library, but different users want to see different things.

Corporate Views are configured to make sure the user gets the most appropriate information to their role. For example, a Site Supervisor from Houston won't see the same information as the EHS Director at company headquarters in Belgium.

Furthermore, users can create their own personal Views to make finding information faster. You may wish to save a View for My Completed Actions, or Actions Due in the Next 30 Days.

When a CAPA or Compliance Task is assigned to someone, they will receive an email notification alerting them to take action.

The email notification contains a link back to the Action at hand to allow the user to view what needs done and mark it as complete when it is.

As time passes, the Action Owner will receive automatic reminders at intervals such as 7 days out, 3 days out, and 1 day out.

However, an email can be easily ignored. To remedy this, escalation processes are set up so that if an Action is approaching due date and has not been viewed/approved/completed, alerts are sent to those further up the organizational hierarchy to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Some Actions need completed sooner than others. High Priority items should be flagged and held to corporate policies to ensure the correct response.

Each Action item is given a Priority, which can drive the Action’s Due Date. For example, a P1 Action should be completed within 24 hours of approval, whereas a P3 or P4 Action can have a Due Date of the Owner’s choosing.

System policies like this help users make decisions and increase the likelihood that Actions are being satisfactorily completed in a timely manner.

The Pro-Sapien Action form supports attachments so that users can upload evidence that their Action has been completed.

Save a range of file types such as images, PDFs, Word documents or emails to show what has been achieved and assist the verification process.

With dozens if not hundreds of open actions within the system at any given time, it can be a challenge to keep up. To make your life easier, our software includes actions data in KPI widgets, dashboards and reports.

Typically, we will configure your unique KPIs into the system during implementation.

We use a combination of technologies to deliver configured dashboards within our software. Users can also be trained to build their own reports with other Office 365 programs such as Power BI, so you’re not reliant on Pro-Sapien to run customized reports.

See what changes were made, when and by whom to all action items. Everything done within the system has a full audit trail, so when OSHA comes knocking you have all the information you need to prove your compliance.

Action Manager is a Core Module

Pro-Sapien is made up of Optional Modules and Core Modules.

Core Modules come with every new deployment regardless of the Optional Modules selected. The entire Pro-Sapien suite is seamlessly integrated to provide you end-to-end functionality for management processes.

The Pro-Sapien Core Modules are Action Manager and Business Intelligence.

Pro-Sapien is made up of Core Modules and Optional Modules

The Pro-Sapien Difference

Microsoft Integrated
Configurable, Flexible
User Friendly
Mobile Forms
Enterprise Licensing
Single Sign On

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