Action Manager

The Pro-Sapien Action Manager is central to all of our implementations and a core feature of our system

Configurable views
Integrate with Outlook
Full audit trail

Set, track and manage follow up actions

The Pro-Sapien Action Manager is implemented in all HSEQ Innovate deployments because it is such a key productivity tool.

Regardless of whether the form being completed is an incident report or other, chances are that there will be a number of follow up or corrective tasks as a result.  Automating the action management process improves efficiency, allows for timely response and means the whole process can be reported on.


Automated and manual notifications

Through integration with SharePoint's Active Directory, we're able to serve the user the views and notifications that are relevant to their position within the company.  Set up automated workflows but allow for manual notifications to be sent when necessary.  Users can keep track of actions with a Red Amber Green (RAG) status indicator based on due date, all of which feeds into management dashboard KPIs.


Integration with all Pro-Sapien EHS modules

The Action Manager is a core feature that Pro-Sapien deploys with every system, integrating with all EHS software modules.  Download the overview brochure for more details »


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What's the difference between a core feature and a module?

A module is an optional aspect of the system.  For example, you may want an Incident Management module but have no need for our Environmental module at this point in time.  'Module' typically refers to the forms and workflows that work together in a specific process.

Our core features come with every system implementation, and integrate with all modules.  For example, regardless of whether it's the Work Permits or Audits & Inspections module you have, you will require the Action Manager core feature to house all tasks, and the Business Intelligence core feature to generate metrics and KPIs.