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Audits & Inspections Software

Assign, track and carry out Audits & Inspections across your organization with Pro-Sapien's EHS software on Office 365

Free-form audits
Checklist inspections
Action Manager
Real-time dashboards

Manage Audits & Inspections straight from Office 365 

A big part of the EHS manager’s job is to ensure organizational compliance.

Performing regulator inspections of the workplace can identify potential hazards or noncompliance issues that can be solved to prevent incident, whilst audits evaluate the effectiveness of safety practice - two processes made significantly more efficient through the use of Audits & Inspections software.

Pro-Sapien gives you the tools you need to capture a wide range of data easily from sites, escalate notifications and produce reports on performance across the business. 

Pro-Sapien lets you manage Audits in a schedule on Office 365
Audits & Inspections Software
Pro-Sapien in Office 365 makes it easier to conduct, track, and report on Audits & Inspections across the entire organization, with an admin interface to modify your own Inspections checklists.

Make it easy for users to log data from inspections with our dynamics forms that update as they are filled in, supporting multiple inspections types such as safety tours, surveys and environment sampling. As a user fills in the inspections form a score will be generated for each category, indicating whether it is compliant with organizational limits or in need of improvement actions. Each category feeds into an Overall Inspection Rating which can be used as a criteria for escalation notifications.

There is an inspections questions list within the system which is where a client is in control of the questions that appear on the inspection form(s). This means you can manage the inspections over time, so it may be that on a quarterly or annual basis you review your inspections and there are certain questions you want to take out and add, which is fully within your control. You are not dependent on Pro-Sapien to change inspections questions.

The Audit form is filled in by an Auditor or an Audit Team carrying out an Audit on a particular site and is made up of two tabs. Details such as Type, Date, Audit Leader, and why the audit is being conducted are captured in the Facilities Information tab.

The second tab is for Audit Findings, which captures information such as the element the audit is associated with, for example General Safety or Chemicals Management – a list of options that you are in control of. This is also where findings are given a Risk Classification. Once submitted the form goes back to the Auditees for additional feedback and suggestions before continuing through the Approval process for close out.

Assign, track, and manage all follow up tasks with the central Action Manager, implemented with all deployments. Actions can be set automatically by workflows, manually within forms, or straight from the Action Manager area itself. When an action is approaching due date or becomes overdue, notifications can be automatically sent to the appropriate individuals for follow up.

Make sense of your Audits & Inspections data with real-time dashboards and reports, configured with KPIs that are meaningful to your business. We use a combination of technologies to deliver configured dashboards within our software environment as well as allow users to build their own reports with third-party programs such as Power BI, Excel or Tableau.

It is important to have the right tools and processes in place so that Audits and Inspections can be performed effectively. Integration with SharePoint offers the control over Audit features so that every version, every approval, when and whom submitted and approved can be logged, thus providing an audit trail for the life cycle of all forms. With the Audits & Inspections module, a view is created to show the Actions and Close Out associated with every Audit.


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