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Complete Audits & Inspections more efficiently with Pro-Sapien

A big part of the EHS and Quality teams' job is to ensure organizational compliance. Performing regular audits and inspections of the workplace and processes is instrumental in reducing risk by flagging potential non-compliances.

Pro-Sapien’s Audits & Inspections software gives you the tools you need to achieve this insight, from conducting the audit or inspection itself, to tracking follow up actions through completion.

Not only does Pro-Sapien preconfigure the software for you, you’ll have the capability to easily create and modify your own audits and inspections forms going forward. What’s more, auditors will become even more efficient by making use of the Findings Library.

Pro-Sapien is deployed into your existing Office 365 environment, making it easier than ever to engage all stakeholders in the Audits & Inspections process.

Audits & Inspections software
Audits & Inspections Software

Get a better understanding of your company’s workplaces using Pro-Sapien’s Audits & Inspections Software on Office 365. Flexible forms and trackable data put the EHS team in control, with the help of automated notifications and reminders for all parties.

[icon name="check" class="" unprefixed_class=""]  Use pre-configured Audits and Inspections forms

Starting with our standard form, we work with you to incorporate your changes. Audits and inspections can be very different from site to site (let alone company to company) so our dynamic forms that update based on inputted values are perfect for multi-site organizations.

For example, an office space will require a different set of audits/inspections to a warehouse, same again for a marine terminal. Based on the location selected, Pro-Sapien’s forms will update with the right information – and then based on the Category selected, the form will present the correct set of questions. Our dynamic forms do some of the thinking for auditors to make collecting information easier.

Furthermore, users can upload attachments such as photos as evidence to support their findings.

Things change over time, so our Audits & Inspections software provides you the tools to modify or create new forms to meet your business requirements. For example, this could be the creation of a new Truck Inspection form, or an ISO 27001 audit form.

Whether you start from a template or start from scratch, the user-friendly admin area makes it simple for EHS users to build clear forms with categories, tabs, and various types of questions.


A category is the theme of an audit or inspection, and it will be the starting point in your custom form. When this category is selected by an auditor, the tabs, checklists and questions will update accordingly.

Using one of the examples mentioned earlier, the category of your inspection could be Truck Inspection.


Tabs are the various stages to an audit or inspection and help you organize steps into a logical order.

For example, your Truck Inspection will start with the General Information tab, where the inspector says where they are and what trucks they’re looking at.

A second tab may contain the inspection itself; for example, the Truck Inspection. Here the user completes the audit or inspection using a checklist and other types of questions.

Further tabs might include Items Requiring Action, Findings, and Review—or they could be something different. You are in control of how you want information to be organized.

Question Types

Tabs are filled with questions for the user to answer. These could be Yes/No questions, Scoring scales, a Comment box, a Dropdown menu or a Checklist of options, enabling your audits/inspections to cover a wide range of items.

If xyz is a common finding, why have auditors document the details, citation reference, and appropriate follow-up actions from scratch?

Some audits result in the same findings quite often, so the Findings Templates Library saves the user from inputting the finding details, citation reference and follow-up actions manually each time.

Search the Findings Library in-form and select the template you'd like to use.

This optional feature makes auditors more efficient, while allowing standard templates to be used and tailored for a specific scenario.

An audit that finds noncompliances is nothing if a plan is not formulated to address them.

Using Pro-Sapien’s Feedback feature, the audit team can collaborate with the audited site on developing a response plan.

The Feedback feature means a draft is shared where actions can be agreed by both auditors and auditees before they are assigned to owners, so that all stakeholders are on board.

The Pro-Sapien audits and inspections forms, including the ones you make yourself, are mobile responsive. That means they’ll resize to fit the screen they’re being accessed on.

For example, on a desktop, the form may be two columns wide. On a mobile, it would collapse to one column.

Mobile responsiveness is just one way Pro-Sapien is making audits and inspections easier than ever, removing the duplication of effort that arises when data must be copied across on a desktop.

Forgetting about an audit is a thing of the past.

Notifications will be automatically sent to internal audit owners when an audit is assigned, and reminders will go out when it’s approaching due date (such as 7, 3 and 1 days before).

Similarly, when an audit is completed, the appropriate groups can be notified by the system. The next step in the workflow may be to approve the audit findings and recommended actions, so an action will be assigned to the approver to do so.

When the findings are approved, the follow up actions associated will be distributed to their owners who can keep track of their own responsibilities in the Pro-Sapien Action Manager. The Action Manager helps all parties stay on top of their to-do lists, and automated reminders help ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Actions can be assigned per finding, to make it absolutely clear what’s required.

When an action is assigned from a submitted Audit or Inspection form, action items are automatically created in the Action Manager. The action owner is notified of their responsibility and can update the status of their assigned action in the Action Manager, the completion of which will also show in the source Audit or Inspection form.

All users can see a My Actions view with red-amber-green indicators of when an action is approaching due date, making it easier to know what to prioritize.

Action owners can even upload evidence that their action has been completed, adding an extra layer of documentation that non-compliances were addressed.

Learn more about our Action Manager tool here.



Office 365 Integration

Pro-Sapien is deployed into your company's SharePoint portal in Office 365. That means your employees already know where to find it and how to use it.

Having SharePoint licenses is a prerequisite for using Pro-Sapien. Find out more about what SharePoint integration means here.

Office 365 Integration
Configurable, Flexible
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