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Business Intelligence

Get real-time insights into your organization's EHS performance with Pro-Sapien's Business Intelligence core feature

Real-time dashboards
Create ad-hoc reports
Tailored KPIs and metrics
Integrate with Power BI

View your data as meaningful charts, graphs and indicators

Business Intelligence (BI) for EHS is frequently cited as one of the main reasons for choosing Pro-Sapien.

By utilizing the Gartner Magic Quadrant leading technologies and with a background in BI, we've ensured that all data processed by our software is reportable in real-time dashboards and reports.


Configure your EHS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

As with most aspects of our software, we work with you to determine the unique calculations and metrics required to get you the information you need from the myriad of data that enterprises often have to work with.  The end result is a selection of in-system dashboards with interactive charts, graphs and KPIs, and the ability to create ad-hoc reports with leading Microsoft programs such as Power BI.


Integrate with and pull data from third party systems

HSEQ Innovate is underpinned by a Pro-Sapien Data Warehouse, meaning that every piece of data processed by the system can be cross-referenced and reported on.  What's more, we can also integrate with popular programs such as SAP, Oracle and Salesforce to generate OSHA metrics such as Lost Time Injury Rate.

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Get the full picture

Learn more about Pro-Sapien's approach to EHS Business Intelligence in the white paper ↓


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What's the difference between a core feature and a module?

A module is an optional aspect of the system.  For example, you may want an Incident Management module but have no need for our Environmental module at this point in time.  'Module' typically refers to the forms and workflows that work together in a specific process.

Our core features come with every system implementation, and integrate with all modules.  For example, regardless of whether it's the Work Permits or Audits & Inspections module you have, you will require the Action Manager core feature to house all tasks, and the Business Intelligence core feature to generate metrics and KPIs.