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Business Intelligence CORE MODULE

Business Intelligence from Pro-Sapien lets you easily analyze your Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) data. Being the go-to EHS software on Office 365, Pro-Sapien utilizes Power BI to put you back in control of EHS analytics with user-friendly, purposeful dashboards and reports.

Track EHS rates, trends, and KPIs across the enterprise

Capturing data is only half the story—it’s what you do with it that counts. That's why with Pro-Sapien's EHS software on Office 365 all your data is available for reporting in Power BI, providing you the insights you need to reduce safety risk and improve sustainability.

  • Seamless Power BI integration to analyze your EHS data
  • Save time by using a reporting model configured to you
  • Filter and segment to get a clear view of EHS performance
  • Automatically track important rates such as TRIR and ratios
  • Take control of EHS analytics by creating your own reports
  • Increase awareness of EHS by sharing throughout Office 365
Pro-Sapien Environmental, Health and Safety Dashboard in Power BI

Put your EHS data to use in Power BI

Our Business Intelligence (BI) core module allows you to report on your EHS data your way. By understanding your requirements, we configure a reporting model that gives you the insights you need in the market-leading Microsoft Power BI. All in all, using Pro-Sapien and Power BI keeps EHS management convenient and secure in your Microsoft 365 hub.

We deliver a set of custom Power BI reports and dashboards, but you're not locked in. As requirements change over time, the EHS team can modify and create Power BI reports from scratch, no data-science expertise required. Ultimately, it's about empowering Environmental, Health and Safety leaders with the information you need to make a difference. View the demo today →

View your EHS KPIs at a glance with Pro-Sapien in Power BI
View KPIs at-a-glance

Quickly see how the business is performing against corporate EHS goals

Use Power BI for Environmental, Health and Safety analysis
Filter, segment, analyze

Slice and dice your EHS data to identify trends and areas for improvement

Save time on monthly EHS reporting with Pro-Sapien in Power BI
Save time on EHS reporting

Get the information you need now and cut time spent on on monthly reporting


Business Intelligence

Track corporate KPIs

Understand how well you're achieving your EHS goals with color-coded key performance indicators (KPIs). Automatic data refresh means you're always working with the most up-to-date information, for a real-time view of how the business is performing.

Calculate important rates

Save time with Pro-Sapien's automatic calculation of rates such as TRIR. With the option to have our data loader tool pull hours worked from your HR system, Pro-Sapien's BI model lets you easily track and compare rates over time.

Global and local views

Stay high level to view trends across the enterprise, or dig into a specific location in the hierarchy. Global views for VPs, regional views for Managers, and local views for Site Supervisors ensure everyone has the information they need to do their job well.

Access all Pro-Sapien data

All data from your Pro-Sapien system is reportable in Power BI, including Actions for overdue monitoring, and even individual Audit Findings. With a few clicks, uncover insights from any part of your Pro-Sapien EHS management solution.

'Go to item' in Pro-Sapien

Inevitably, sometimes you need the details. Simply click on an item's link to open it in a new tab in Pro-Sapien to quickly get the background you require, such as an Incident Investigation form or a Permit to Work record.

Conduct ad-hoc analysis

Spotted something peculiar? No problem. Break out of standard reports to slice and dice your Pro-Sapien data to find the why. Our favorite is Power BI's Decomposition Tree to visualize incident root causes or emerging observation trends.

Create your own

On top of what we configure for you, certain users can create their own dashboards and reports. Power BI's drag-and-drop interface and range of pre-built visuals empowers EHS and other business users to take control. You're not locked in to vendor reports!

Export to Excel, PPT, PDF

Easily export filtered information from Power BI to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and more. For example, quickly generate your OSHA 300A in CSV format, or export a project-specific report as PDF to share with clients externally.

Raise the profile of EHS

Pro-Sapien clients are improving EHS engagement by sharing Power BI with employees and executives alike. It's time to put EHS on the same dashboards as the rest of the business and increase awareness for a safer, more sustainable workplace.


Office 365 Integration

Access all things Safety in Office 365 with Pro-Sapien

The natural home of EHS

Keep Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) front of mind for everyone with Pro-Sapien. By integrating with the platform employees and executives use daily, Pro-Sapien is simpler to access, easier to use, and better connected. Drive EHS engagement by making it part of the familiar Office 365 hub.

The natural home of Safety

Keep Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) front of mind for everyone with Pro-Sapien. By integrating with the platform employees and executives use daily, Pro-Sapien is simpler to access, easier to use, and better connected. Drive EHS engagement by making it part of the familiar Office 365 hub.

Microsoft 365

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Get started by viewing the demo today

See whether Pro-Sapien's Business Intelligence is right for you in our helpful demo video.


How to make EHS easier with Pro-Sapien

80% less time on monthly HSSEQ reporting

ASCO is an essential partner for global oil and gas materials, equipment and logistics management. ASCO chose Pro-Sapien's solution on SharePoint to consolidate all HSSEQ processes and the associated reporting of key information across its worldwide operations. Find out how ASCO cut HSSEQ monthly reporting time by 80% in our client case study.

“The Power BI integration is fantastic, providing ASCO teams with easy access to incident reporting and valuable insights at the click-of-a-button. The cloud-based nature of the platform means our workforce can access the system online securely anytime, from anywhere.”

Jim Titmuss, Group IT&S Director, ASCO

South Jersey Industries

"Before, the organization only saw what the Safety team had time to distribute. Now, with Pro-Sapien, safety information is right there on corporate dashboards along with our financial and operations performance ... We couldn’t be happier with Pro-Sapien."

Widespread Visibility into Safety →

"LBC takes a holistic approach to risk management. Therefore, we implemented Pro-Sapien and have improved employee engagement ever since, while capturing a broader spectrum of risks across the company."

370% Increase in Near Miss Reporting →


"Pro-Sapien has allowed us to solve problems more quickly and has introduced a level of transparency we did not have before. Furthermore, we not only have a functioning system, but a valuable partner to ensure our continued success."

Improved SHEQ Incident Reporting →

The go-to EHS Software for Microsoft 365 Enterprises

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Pro-Sapien's EHS software integrates into Office 365

See our EHS Business Intelligence for yourself

See Pro-Sapien in action now by watching our demo videos. First, fill in our form to instantly receive a link to the Demo Library. Next, view our Business Intelligence demo to see if Pro-Sapien is right for you.

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