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Business Intelligence

Report on EHS performance with Pro-Sapien's Business Intelligence (BI) module on Office 365

Pro-Sapien Business Intelligence EHS Software
Configured dashboards
Create your own reports
Automate distribution
Drill into KPIs

Business Intelligence is part of all Pro-Sapien systems for you to report on EHS performance.

Capturing data is only half the story – it’s what you do with it that makes a difference. That’s why Pro-Sapien implements performance dashboards and reports with every system.

The Business Intelligence core module brings data from all your Pro-Sapien modules together, to produce insightful statistics, trends and rates such as TRIR.

You’ll have a full view of how the business is performing against your corporate KPIs, keeping on top of overdue actions or the time it takes to complete investigations.

Using Pro-Sapien, our customers make meaningful, data-driven decisions for safer workplaces.

Pro-Sapien leverages Power BI for business intelligence.
Business Intelligence

Make sense of your data from all Pro-Sapien modules. Keep track of EHS KPIs, trends and rates in beautiful dashboards and reports, all within Office 365.

Frustration with canned reports be gone: your Pro-Sapien system is tailored to you.

Tell us what you’d like to track across the organization, and we will configure the system to deliver only meaningful charts and graphs.

Business Intelligence brings in data from all your Pro-Sapien modules, including the Action Manager, to let you understand relationships between processes and identify EHS trends.

For example, you may find that the more observations reported, lower incident rates follow.

Track both reactive and proactive measures to equip the EHS team with a wealth of actionable knowledge.

Pro-Sapien delivers your configured dashboards and reports, but we don’t stop you there. Our customers have the freedom to create their own EHS reports as and when required.

We set up integrations with other Microsoft tools such as Excel Services and Power BI for you to leverage your in-house business intelligence skills.

You don’t have to be a BI expert to use Power BI, so Pro-Sapien provides training to key EHS personnel that gets them going on the intuitive platform.

Many organizations require to run an EHS performance report monthly or quarterly, to keep the board informed of progress. In the past, this was a time-consuming task – with Pro-Sapien, it can be automated.

Rather than creating a new report on every occasion, update a single report with the click of a button to be shared with board members.

Whether an online report or an exported summary, you’ll get information where it needs to go fast.

Pro-Sapien charts and graphs can be displayed anywhere within SharePoint – even beyond the EHS site.

This allows the EHS team to reach employees in all areas, spreading knowledge and encouraging engagement.

For example, display a heatmap of positive observations on the intranet homepage, showing users the most proactive sites. (You could even leverage gamification to engage employees even more.)

Or show the top five most common incident causes across the organization to encourage consideration and safe practice.

Filtered dashboards and reports can be easily exported and shared with external agencies.

Pro-Sapien helps ensure data protection with automatic lock-down of specific fields such as Employee Involved.

Pro-Sapien integrates with your Active Directory to grant users access only in the appropriate areas.

For example, all users should have the ability to report an observation or an incident. Site managers should be able to see charts and graphs relating to EHS data from their own site. However, only a select few should have access to full performance reports.

Who sees what is configured to your unique organization user groups to make sure everyone logs in to something meaningful.

Business Intelligence is a Core Module

Pro-Sapien is made up of Optional Modules and Core Modules.

Core Modules come with every new deployment regardless of the Optional Modules selected. The entire Pro-Sapien suite is seamlessly integrated to provide you end-to-end functionality for management processes.

The Pro-Sapien Core Modules are Action Manager and Business Intelligence.

Pro-Sapien is made up of Core Modules and Optional Modules

The Pro-Sapien Difference

Microsoft Integrated
Configurable, Flexible
User Friendly
Mobile Forms
Enterprise Licensing
Single Sign On

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