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Keep better track of contractors, suppliers and agencies with Pro-Sapien's Contractor Management Software on SharePoint & Office 365

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Keep track of contractors, suppliers and agencies with the Pro-Sapien Contractor Management Software on Office 365

Enterprises regularly work with third parties to deliver services and require a way to keep track of what can run into the thousands of providers. Pro-Sapien makes managing all contractors, suppliers and agencies easier with our flexible Contractor Management module, integrated right into your Office 365.

Pro-Sapien provides dynamic forms, workflows and dashboards for large organizations to approve and review the organizations they’re working with. The best part is, it’s all managed in the Office 365 environment you and your employees already know.

You’ll always be up to date with who’s doing what and when, helping you ensure EHS compliance in all projects.

Contractor Management Software
Contractor Management

Manage a comprehensive library of contractors, suppliers and agencies with automated reminders and review schedules in Office 365.

  Track contractors, suppliers and agencies across all sites and departments

Track more than just contractors with Pro-Sapien: store information about suppliers and agencies, too.

Often, the source of a contractor, supplier or agency’s registration is required for auditing purposes. Contractor Management from Pro-Sapien will tap into your organizational hierarchy in SharePoint for users to associate third parties with certain sites, departments or projects.

Automatic inline checking across all departments notifies the user if this contractor’s company number is already registered in the system.

This avoids duplication of effort as well as helping to maintain a clean register, with all information about a single contractor in the one place.

As well as retaining a library of approved contractors, keep track of those your organization may wish to avoid.

Classifying a contractor/supplier/agency as Suspended or Do Not Use is accompanied by a required explanation so that other managers are kept informed. It also changes the required review schedules and reminders.

Contractor records can have their status revised at any time by an authorized user, so if a suspended contractor is reinstated, the system can be easily updated.

Pro-Sapien’s dynamic forms mean users will only be asked for the most appropriate information, making contractor review a more straightforward process.

When a user selects that this is a Contractor, Agency or Supplier, our form will automatically update to present the associated assessment checklist.

Assessment checklists are an efficient way to track more complex requirements, as contractors merit different checks to Suppliers and Suppliers to Agencies. For example, Suppliers should be asked about the equipment or goods they’re supplying, and Agencies should be asked about experience they have with the particular industry.

Dynamic checklists are yet another way to improve efficiency and accuracy in contractor management.

It is crucial to know your contractors’ insurance details in order to keep your own company compliant.

Capture information about various insurance types such as Public or Employer Liability, including limit of indemnity amounts. The expiry dates of liability insurance influences the Next Review Date in Pro-Sapien, so you know when new documentation is required.

You may also wish to set a lower limit for indemnity amounts, such as $5,000,000, to protect your organization and request the user get additional approval. Pro-Sapien’s form will trigger a warning in real time if the entered amount is below the limit.

In some cases, insurance information may not be needed. Using the Type field, the form automatically knows what insurances to ask for, so that users don’t spend time filling in unrequired data.

Manage a watertight review schedule with automatic calculation and alerts.

Pro-Sapien’s Contractor Management form sets the Next Review Date based on insurance expiry dates and company policy, such as 12 months from Approval Date.

Contractor Owners are notified by the system in plenty of time when a review date is approaching. If the due date is missed, previously approved contractors will move to pending status to reflect the delay.

Find what you’re looking for fast by selecting a Saved View, such as Approved Contractors, or creating your own View for future reference, for example Owned By Me. Display any form field as a filterable and sortable column, such as Next Review Date, Type or Status.

Contractor Management is just one of our suite of EHS software modules. Its features become even more meaningful when used in conjunction with our other products.

Incident Management

Keeping track of incidents involving contractors is an important metric for trending and identifying potential problem areas.

Pro-Sapien’s Contractor Management module integrates with our Incident Management module, so when an incident occurs that involves a contractor, users can easily query an up to date list of contractors from the Incident form.

Permit to Work

It's likely that contractors are engaging in hazardous tasks that require safety checks in their own right. Your library of contractors, agencies and suppliers can integrate with our Permit to Work module to seamlessly allocate permits for various types of work, such as confined spaces or working at a height.

Permit to Work facilitates the issue, handover, extension and close out process to help avoid permit conflicts and ensure the safety of all workers at all times.

Like all Pro-Sapien forms, Contractor Management supports the attachment of images, Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoints and more to provide extra context and evidence.



Office 365 Integration

Pro-Sapien is deployed into your company's SharePoint portal in Office 365. That means your employees already know where to find it and how to use it.

Having SharePoint licenses is a prerequisite for using Pro-Sapien. Find out more about what SharePoint integration means here.

Office 365 Integration
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