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Manage all EHS documents in Office 365 using Pro-Sapien's Document Management Software with enhanced search, approval and reminder features

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Manage all EHS documentation straight from Office 365 with Pro-Sapien’s integrated Document Management Software

EHS management involves maintaining up to date documentation around corporate policies, safety data sheets (SDSs), safe operating procedures (SOPs) and more. This complex information is crucial in driving a coherent and thorough operation.

Staying on top of things is significantly more efficient when using an integrated Document Management Software system.

Pro-Sapien is deployed into your existing Office 365 environment. We take advantage of the underlying features of SharePoint libraries and combine them with our unique functionality for search, filtering, approval workflows and automated reminders. In other words, Pro-Sapien makes managing EHS documentation easier.

EHS Document Management Software
Document Management

Control versions, metadata, user access and review schedules of EHS documentation in dedicated, searchable libraries.

Keep all EHS documents in a central location that your users are already familiar with. Pro-Sapien is underpinned by SharePoint, making use of the tool’s often overlooked features.

The Document Management module allows EHS professionals to keep a complete document register where each item has its own unique ID. Use folders and Views to make it easier than ever for users to find exactly what they’re looking for, fast..

Push out Views across the organization to help users find what they’re looking for. You can create a View using any column, such as Document Type or Status. For example, you might publish a View specifically for Safe Operating Procedures.

Views filter across folders to help avoid the duplication of documents.

What’s more, users can create their own personal Views. Take your common search criteria and save it as a View for fast access every time, such as My Submissions.

The approval workflow is an example of Pro-Sapien’s enhanced technology for SharePoint.

When a document has been edited, the author requests approval by publishing the new version. This triggers the approval workflow and automated emails to the appropriate reviewers (based on Document Type or other criteria).

Edits are held as minor versions until the document is approved, at which time it becomes a major version available to the wider organization.

Furthermore, integration with Office 365 means you can utilize the Review feature of Word Online right within your browser to record and reply to comments throughout a document.

Over time you will work up a comprehensive version history. Our clients are in full control of version retention, setting a limit for how many instances should be saved.

Different types of document require different review intervals. By making use of the metadata that Pro-Sapien allows you to record, you can set review schedules by Document Type.

For example, you might want to review SOPs every 12 months, Emergency Procedures every 24 months, and everything else every 48 months.

Sometimes a document is updated outside its review schedule, perhaps following an incident – Pro-Sapien automatically recalculates the next review date in line with system policy, keeping everything on track.

Moreover, the right people are kept up to date along the way. Automated reminders are distributed to document owners when a review date is approaching, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Role-based access keeps your EHS documentation secure.

Allow everyone to view all documents, but restrict editing abilities to appropriate individuals depending on what’s being edited.

Pro-Sapien is integrated with SharePoint, so we are able to use your Active Directory organizational hierarchy to manage role-based access to documents.

You can control authorization right down to folder level. For example, allowing certain individuals to edit documents for specific projects or locations.

Pro-Sapien has made it easier to attach metadata to EHS documents.

Metadata is data that describes what is inside a document and is an incredibly useful resource when using Search.

Easily record the Document Type, Reference, Title, Revision Number, Issue Date, Site, Description, Status, Related Documents and more for every item in your document library.

This is Pro-Sapien functionality that makes document management in SharePoint more structured and more meaningful for EHS professionals.

Pro-Sapien enables the content of an EHS document to be indexed automatically. This means the system is able to identify and store keywords from a document without assistance from the document author.

Keywords are the most likely thing a user will use to search the document library, much like in a Google search, so they are crucial to record for every document.

Automatic indexing saves time and keeps search results accurate.

Set a document library to sync to your local machine to allow you to have an offline copy of the documents.

When you are connected, any updates that have been made within Pro-Sapien will sync to your local machine, meaning you're always up to date.


Is this just configuring SharePoint?

The Pro-Sapien Document Management module combines out of the box SharePoint features with Pro-Sapien functionality. Using this module enables you to integrate document libraries with the Pro-Sapien Action Manager and Business Intelligence tools.

Document Management Status and Actions


Office 365 Integration

Pro-Sapien is deployed into your company's SharePoint portal in Office 365. That means your employees already know where to find it and how to use it.

Having SharePoint licenses is a prerequisite for using Pro-Sapien. Find out more about what SharePoint integration means here.

Office 365 Integration
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