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Enhance out-of-the-box SharePoint features with Pro-Sapien's Document Management Software for Environmental, Health & Safety compliance

Review Schedules
Approval Workflows
Keyword Search
Activity Tracking

Document Management from Pro-Sapien helps you keep EHS documentation up to date for consistent and safe operations across the business.

Many EHS teams use SharePoint to manage documents, but are unaware of the platform’s underlying potential.

Therefore, Pro-Sapien configures a document management solution fit for EHS, enhanced with our software’s smart approval workflows, reminders, and the ability to relate documents to certain locations.

Whether it’s SDSs, SOPs or other EHS policies, this neat module helps you stay on top of documentation to maintain a single source of truth in SharePoint.

EHS Document Management Software
Document Management

Document Management makes a great addition to your Pro-Sapien system, enabling you to get even more value out of your Office 365 investment.

Track a range of relevant document properties

Pro-Sapien helps you configure document types and properties fit for EHS, such as Safety Data Sheet, Safe Operating Procedure, Environmental Permit and more.

Relate documents to locations in the org hierarchy

Whether it's one or many, assign locations from your organizational hierarchy to each document, to be used in the approval workflow and as a helpful library filter.

Set review schedules with automated notifications and reminders

Review schedules help you stay on top of compliance with notifications, reminders, and escalations when necessary.

Enforce an approval workflow and versioning settings

The Pro-Sapien approval workflow enables the concept of Status, so you can easily know which documents need attention.

Filter, sort and group the library

Sometimes, libraries house hundreds of documents. SharePoint's filter, sort and group features make it easier than ever to find what you're looking for, fast.

Search by keyword

Often, the simplest way to find a document is to search by keyword, which SharePoint enables by automatically indexing keywords from every document.

Edit documents in browser or in app

While on the go, quickly edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in the browser, or open the document in-app for more concentration.

Full version and activity history

All changes to documents are tracked in the Activity history, so you can always see who made what change and when.

Why reinvent the wheel?

SharePoint is known for its strong document management capabilities. Therefore, the Pro-Sapien Document Management module combines out of the box SharePoint features, like document properties and version control, with Pro-Sapien functionality, like the approval workflow and assigning locations. What you get is a document management solution fit for EHS, right within your organization's Office 365 platform.


Office 365 Integration

Pro-Sapien is deployed into your company's SharePoint portal in Office 365. That means your employees already know where to find it and how to use it.

Having SharePoint licenses is a prerequisite for using Pro-Sapien. Find out more about what SharePoint integration means here.

Office 365 Integration
Configurable, Flexible
User Friendly
Single Sign On

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