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EHSQ Document Management Software

Stay on top of all EHSQ documentation with version control, review schedules, configured views and a full audit trail

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EHSQ Document Management Software

Stay on top of all EHSQ documentation with version control, review schedules, configured views and a full audit trail

Maintain review schedules
Automated reminders
Outlook integration
Full audit trail
Pro-Sapien's Safety Software is a SharePoint Add-In

Manage all EHSQ documentation straight from SharePoint with Pro-Sapien's configurable, integrated Document Management Software. 

EHSQ management involves maintaining up to date documentation around corporate policies, training, safety data sheets (SDS), work procedures and more. In enterprises, this complex information is crucial in driving a coherent, thorough EHSQ operation, the coordination of which can be made significantly more efficient with an integrated Document Management system.

Our configurable Document Management system is deployed into your existing SharePoint environment where it is accessed by users. It integrates with all other Pro-Sapien EHSQ modules, making use of classic SharePoint features as well as Pro-Sapien's Action Manager and Business Intelligence dashboards to support transparency across the business.

Document Management

Control versions, metadata, user access and review schedules of EHSQ documentation in dedicated, searchable libraries.

There is no limit on the number of libraries that can be included in our Document Management system, and the types of libraries we create are completely decided by you.

As our software is configurable, you are in control of the columns shown each library. As standard, a library displays pertinent information to the type of document that it contains. For example, the Safety Data Sheets library may present columns such as SDS Number, Product Name, Supplier and Emergency Contact, whereas the library for Corporate Policies may simply show Owner, Publish Date and Next Review Date.

Deliver a unique dashboard when a user accesses the Document Management system, with widgets showing the latest documentation most relevant to their job role or location, documents that have been ‘modified by me’, and any outstanding approval tasks belonging to the user.

For example, someone from Quality will have different documentation highlighted by their dashboard than someone from Health & Safety, as the system knows who is logged on thanks to integration with Active Directory.

Make it easier to find documents by leveraging metadata that can be used to filter libraries and search queries.

Set necessary metadata to be filled in when a document is uploaded, such as Issue Date and Revision Date, the requirement of which can be configured per library. The form for adding metadata also cleverly supports drop down fields by integrating with your managed lists in SharePoint, such as your list of suppliers or contractors.

You can also make metadata visible in your documents; for example, you may want the front page of a policy to contain real time information on Review Data, Status and Manager so that viewers are clear on what they're reading.

Our Document Management system handles complex and simple workflows so that when the review date of a document is approaching, actions are created and reminders are sent out to approvers - the status of which can be tracked in our central Action Manager.

Empowering the user, you can also set up your own alerts – for example, using the Alert Me function, users can get a notification when a change is made to a specified document.

What's more, you can set retention settings for each library to automate archiving and workflows after a document has been live for a specific period of time. For example, one year after a document was created, trigger a workflow to send out notifications to managers that it needs reviewed and approved.

Thanks to its integration with SharePoint, our system is particularly strong on version control.

See the version history for every document, including major and minor versions, who modified it, document size and comments. You can also recover previous versions with the click of a button, and each library can have its own Versioning settings to control user access, minor/major versioning and retention.

Furthermore, you can get statistics on who is viewing documents and when in charts and graphs to easily understand your employees’ participation.

You can set a library to sync to your local machine, to allow you to have an offline copy of the documents. When you are connected, any updates that have been made within HSEQ Innovate will sync to your local machine, and vice versa.

Search for a keyword to return results of matching documents. Users can filter the search results page by document type, author or modified date in order to narrow down the search, and can hover over a search result to get a preview without having to load the document itself.


user-friendly system that works your way

Our software takes on the look and feel of your existing SharePoint portal that users already know - minimizing training and encouraging adoption.
No need to issue new logins to users, as our software is accessed with existing SharePoint credentials (and supports single sign-on).
We spend time onsite with every client prior to implementation configuring the system to make sure it matches your processes and works the way you do.

Features & Benefits

Microsoft Integration
Seamless integration with the programs you already rely on (Excel, Outlook, Word, etc.)
Configurable, Flexible
Configurable forms, workflows, and metrics for a system that actually makes sense
User Friendly
User-friendly and familiar interface of Microsoft - less training required
Mobile Ready
All Pro-Sapien forms are mobile responsive and can be accessed on any connected device
Central Action Manager
Set, track and manage all CAPAs and compliance tasks in one place
Dashboards & Reports
Powerful but easy-to-use KPI dashboards and self-service reports
Simple Licensing
Cost-effective licensing model - we don't count users or modules!
On-premise or Cloud
On-premise or on the Cloud with Office 365 - whichever suits you best
Single Sign On
Enable Single Sign On (SSO) with Microsoft credentials for easy, secure access

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