EHS management, but more connected.

Struggling with disconnected, clunky applications? Now you can increase efficiency, transparency and productivity with Pro-Sapien's EHS software on SharePoint & Office 365.


HSEQ Innovate integrates into a company's existing SharePoint portal
SharePoint & Office 365 integrated

Seamlessly integrates with your existing portals for an easy, familiar user experience at all levels.

Highly configurable

Configure your forms, workflows and dashboards to meet your needs (and make sure they get used).

Drill-down analytics

Get the full picture by drilling into performance dashboards or building your own real-time reports.

Make it easier to report, track and analyze EHS data.

Pro-Sapien has you covered with innovative EHS software integrated with your everyday Microsoft systems.

Our software lets you manage EHS with the market-leading technologies of SharePoint and Office 365 . Choose from our suite of modules and enjoy a flexible system that helps you reduce risk and make workplaces safer.


Incident Management
Audits & Inspections
Permit to Work
Document Management
Action Manager (core)
Risk Assessment
Environmental Management
Hazard Observations
Learning Management
Business Intelligence (core)

A solution designed for enterprises

Improve user adoption

Integration with SharePoint means users keep their existing login to access your EHS software from Pro-Sapien. In essence, it becomes "just another part" of SharePoint - now that's single sign on! Enjoy a familiar interface and a smart system that knows what you need to do.

Login to Pro-Sapien through SharePoint

Incident Type

Incident Subtype

Make forms easier to complete

Configure templates to deliver dynamic forms to users. The value from certain fields, such as Type or Location, will automatically update the rest of the form to only ask for relevant information, complete with tooltips. You'll be helping users submit high quality data in order to drive reliable insights.

Save time with automated workflows

The system knows who to notify at which point, and when to trigger reminders or escalations. Configure the workflow of any module to fit your process and improve efficiency with automation - and keep track of everything along the way with a full audit trail.

Automated workflows

Slice and dice your data

We work with you to deliver a fit-for-purpose reporting model with drill-down capabilities and unique KPIs. Use configured Pro-Sapien dashboards, publish Power BI reports, and build real-time pages with Excel Services. Our team of analytics experts will set you up for real, actionable insights.

Watch the demo

If you want to learn more, start here. Fill in our form and we'll send you a link to watch a demo online. You'll learn about:

  • What SharePoint integration means
  • Dynamic, smart forms
  • Assigning and tracking CAPAs
  • Moving through a form workflow
  • Drilling into KPI dashboards
  • Building your own real-time report

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